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    Current DKP - Default Pool

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    2017-06-2852/69 (75%)97/129 (75%)

    Item History

    Item Date Raid Name Event
    [146985en]2017-06-28Tomb of SargerasMistress Sassz'ine
    [146992en]2017-06-28Tomb of SargerasGoroth
    [146987en]2017-06-28Tomb of SargerasSisters of the Moon
    [147001en]2017-06-23Tomb of SargerasFallen Avatar
    [147182en]2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasHarjatan
    [147423en]2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasTrash mob
    [147080en]2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasTrash mob
    [146997en]2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasTrash mob
    [142428en]2017-06-16Emerald Nightmare & ToVHelya
    [140906en]2017-06-14The Nighthold HeroicTichondrius
    [Ring of the Scoured Clan] 2017-06-14The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes] 2017-06-14The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [Fury of the Burning Sky] 2017-06-14The Nighthold HeroicHigh Botanist Tel'arn
    [Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes] 2017-06-09The Nighthold MythicSkorpyron
    [138314en]2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [140809en]2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [124124en]2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [Chaos-Scarred Mantle] 2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138317en]2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [140909en]2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicStar Augur Etraeus
    [Ring of the Scoured Clan] 2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [Precipice of Eternity] 2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138317en]2017-05-26The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [140804en]2017-05-24The Nighthold HeroicStar Augur Etraeus
    [140911en]2017-05-19The Nighthold Heroic & ToV HcGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [142428en]2017-05-19The Nighthold Heroic & ToV HcHelya
    [140818en]2017-05-17The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [Robes of Fluctuating Energy] 2017-05-17The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [Man'ari Skullbuckled Cinch] 2017-05-17The Nighthold HeroicKrosus
    [140820en]2017-05-12The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [Precipice of Eternity] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [Breath of Dusk] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicHigh Botanist Tel'arn
    [Zealous Timestone Pendant] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [Fashionable Autumn Cloak] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicTrash mob
    [Mana-Cord of Deception] 2017-05-05The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [Cloak of Multitudinous Sheaths] 2017-05-05The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [Zealous Timestone Pendant] 2017-04-28The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138320en]2017-04-28The Nighthold HeroicKrosus
    [Chaos-Scarred Mantle] 2017-04-28The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138373en]2017-04-28The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [138311en]2017-04-28The Nighthold HeroicStar Augur Etraeus
    [Precipice of Eternity] 2017-04-21The NightholdChronomatic Anomaly
    [140910en]2017-04-21The NightholdGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [138323en]2017-04-21The NightholdTichondrius
    [Man'ari Skullbuckled Cinch] 2017-04-14The NightholdKrosus
    [Antiquated Highborne Cinch] 2017-04-14The NightholdSkorpyron
    [140911en]2017-04-14The NightholdGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [140888en]2017-03-29The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [140895en]2017-03-29The Nighthold HeroicSpellblade Aluriel
    [Robes of Fluctuating Energy] 2017-03-29The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [140885en]2017-03-24The NightholdStar Augur Etraeus
    [Chaos-Scarred Mantle] 2017-03-22The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [140888en]2017-03-22The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [Fury of the Burning Sky] 2017-03-17The NightholdHigh Botanist Tel'arn
    [138373en]2017-03-17The NightholdTrilliax
    [Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes] 2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [124124en]2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicTrash mob
    [Nighthold Custodian's Hood] 2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [Antiquated Highborne Cinch] 2017-03-08The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [Warchief's Shattered Tusk] 2017-03-03The NightholdGul'dan
    [Antiquated Highborne Cinch] 2017-03-01The NightholdSkorpyron
    [138320en]2017-03-01The NightholdKrosus
    [Ring of the Scoured Clan] 2017-02-24The Nighthold Normal & HeroicGul'dan
    [Robes of Fluctuating Energy] 2017-02-24The Nighthold Normal & HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138323en]2017-02-22The NightholdTichondrius
    [Bracers of Harnessed Flame] 2017-02-22The NightholdSpellblade Aluriel
    [124124en]2017-02-22The NightholdHigh Botanist Tel'arn
    [140911en]2017-02-15The NightholdTrash mob
    [Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes] 2017-02-08The NightholdSkorpyron
    [140906en]2017-02-08The NightholdTichondrius
    [138373en]2017-02-08The NightholdTrilliax
    [Vampiric Fetish] 2017-02-08The NightholdTichondrius
    [142414en]2017-01-27Trial of Valor N & HHelya
    [Zealous Timestone Pendant] 2017-01-18The NightholdChronomatic Anomaly
    [Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire] 2017-01-18The NightholdKrosus
    [140895en]2017-01-18The NightholdSpellblade Aluriel
    [Cozy Dryad Hoof-Socks] 2017-01-17Emerald Nightmare HeroicCenarius
    [142415en]2017-01-13Trial of Valor N & HGuarm
    [142410en]2017-01-06Trial of Valor (Normal)Odyn
    [142510en]2016-12-30Trial of Valor (Normal)Helya
    [142521en]2016-12-30Trial of Valor (Normal)Helya
    [139336en]2016-12-29Emerald NightmareXavius
    [139239en]2016-12-29Emerald NightmareUrsoc
    [142521en]2016-12-21Trial of Valor (Normal)Helya
    [Accursed Cuspid] 2016-12-21Trial of Valor (Normal)Guarm
    [139248en]2016-12-07Emerald Nightmare HeroicCenarius
    [142415en]2016-11-25Trial of Valor (Normal)Guarm
    [142412en]2016-11-25Trial of Valor (Normal)Guarm
    [139187en]2016-11-23Emerald Nightmare HeroicIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [138215en]2016-11-23Emerald Nightmare HeroicDragons of Nightmare
    [142540en]2016-11-18Trial of Valor (Normal)Odyn
    [Unstable Horrorslime] 2016-11-16Emerald Nightmare HeroicDragons of Nightmare
    [142520en]2016-11-11Trial of Valor (Normal)Odyn
    [136903en]2016-11-04Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [Blackened Portalstone Necklace] 2016-11-04Emerald NightmareXavius
    [139326en]2016-11-04Emerald NightmareIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Cozy Dryad Hoof-Socks] 2016-11-04Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [138215en]2016-10-28Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [139196en]2016-10-19Emerald NightmareUrsoc
    [140993en]2016-10-19Emerald NightmareNythendra
    [Twisting Wind] 2016-10-19Emerald NightmareElerethe Renferal
    [Mantle of Perpetual Bloom] 2016-10-12Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [139248en]2016-10-07Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [Essence of Clarity] 2016-10-07Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [139257en]2016-10-05Emerald NightmareIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet] 2016-09-30Emerald NightmareXavius
    [Essence of Clarity] 2016-09-30Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [Dreadful Cyclopean Signet] 2016-09-28Emerald NightmareIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Handwraps of Delusional Power] 2016-09-23Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [Thumping Demonheart Fetish] 2016-08-24Hellfire Citadel HeroicMannoroth
    [Voidcore Greatstaff] 2016-08-24Hellfire Citadel HeroicXhul'horac
    [124173en]2016-08-24Hellfire Citadel HeroicMannoroth
    [124185en]2016-08-24Hellfire Citadel HeroicSocrethar the Eternal
    [Leggings of the Iron Summoner] 2016-08-17Hellfire Citadel HeroicMannoroth
    [124176en]2016-08-03Hellfire Citadel HeroicArchimonde
    [Runic Magnaron Tooth] 2016-08-03Hellfire Citadel HeroicKormrok
    [Sparkburnt Welder's Cloak] 2016-07-27Hellfire Citadel HeroicHellfire Assault
    [Polymorphic Cloak of Absorption] 2016-07-27Hellfire Citadel HeroicKormrok
    [Pilot's Pauldrons] 2016-07-20Hellfire Citadel HeroicIron Reaver
    [Shimmering Voidstone Band] 2016-07-20Hellfire Citadel HeroicHellfire High Council

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-06-28
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-06-23
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-06-21
    Emerald Nightmare & ToV2017-06-16
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-06-14
    The Nighthold Mythic2017-06-09
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-06-07
    The Nighthold Mythic2017-06-02
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-31
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-26
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-24
    The Nighthold Heroic & ToV Hc2017-05-19
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-17
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-12
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-10
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-05
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-04-28
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-04-26
    The Nighthold2017-04-21
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-04-19
    The Nighthold2017-04-14
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-29
    The Nighthold2017-03-24
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-22
    The Nighthold2017-03-17
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-15
    The Nighthold2017-03-10
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-08
    The Nighthold2017-03-03
    The Nighthold2017-03-01
    The Nighthold Normal & Heroic2017-02-24
    The Nighthold2017-02-22
    The Nighthold2017-02-15
    Trial of Valor Heroic2017-02-10
    The Nighthold2017-02-08
    Trial of Valor (Heroic)2017-02-03
    The Nighthold2017-02-01
    Trial of Valor N & H2017-01-27
    The Nighthold2017-01-25
    Trial of Valor N & H2017-01-20
    The Nighthold2017-01-18
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2017-01-17
    Trial of Valor N & H2017-01-13
    Emerald Nightmare Mythic2017-01-11
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2017-01-06
    Trial of Valor (Heroic)2017-01-04
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-12-30
    Emerald Nightmare2016-12-29
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-12-21
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-12-09
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-07
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-11-25
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-23
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-11-18
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-16
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-11-11
    Emerald Nightmare2016-11-04
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-02
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-28
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-10-26
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-19
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-12
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-07
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-05
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-30
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-28
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-23
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-21
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-08-24
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-08-17
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-08-03
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-07-27
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-07-20
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-07-13

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Archimonde 0/0 (0%)
    Cenarius 0/0 (0%)
    Chronomatic Anomaly 0/0 (0%)
    Demonic Inquisition 0/0 (0%)
    Dragons of Nightmare 0/0 (0%)
    Elerethe Renferal 0/0 (0%)
    Fallen Avatar 0/0 (0%)
    Fel Lord Zakuun 0/0 (0%)
    Goroth 0/0 (0%)
    Grand Magistrix Elisande 0/0 (0%)
    Guarm 0/0 (0%)
    Gul'dan 0/0 (0%)
    Harjatan 0/0 (0%)
    Hellfire Assault 0/0 (0%)
    Hellfire High Council 0/0 (0%)
    Helya 0/0 (0%)
    High Botanist Tel'arn 0/0 (0%)
    Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption 0/0 (0%)
    Iron Reaver 0/0 (0%)
    Kormrok 0/0 (0%)
    Krosus 0/0 (0%)
    Maiden of Vigilance 0/0 (0%)
    Mannoroth 0/0 (0%)
    Mistress Sassz'ine 0/0 (0%)
    Nythendra 0/0 (0%)
    Odyn 0/0 (0%)
    Sisters of the Moon 0/0 (0%)
    Skorpyron 0/0 (0%)
    Socrethar the Eternal 0/0 (0%)
    Spellblade Aluriel 0/0 (0%)
    Star Augur Etraeus 0/0 (0%)
    The Desolate Host 0/0 (0%)
    Tichondrius 0/0 (0%)
    Trash mob 0/0 (0%)
    Trilliax 0/0 (0%)
    Ursoc 0/0 (0%)
    Xavius 0/0 (0%)
    Xhul'horac 0/0 (0%)

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em