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A New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 4 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. we're now officially halfway through clearing Heroic! 

Everyone did an excellent job tonight, despite Blizzard causing some issues with "upgrades" to the system breaking certain nameplates, and weird graphical glitches - hard mode Dark Wolves style :P


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Two new bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 11 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. two new bosses down .. woot!!



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A raid clear, two new bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 23 days ago

Congratulation to everyone this evening .. we killed the final boss in Normal, then went on to kill the first in heroic!  Very nicely done ;-)



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by Poisonenvy, 24 days ago

As we've now had a few weeks without any new applications, I feel newer members have had the time needed to adjust and integrate, or decide we weren't to their liking and move on.

I've therefore reopened our application process for prospective new members. 

I've also tweaked the application form and the various rules pages to bring them up to date (some were referring to our old realm, the old loot system for raiding and didn't emphasise enough that prospective raiders needed to check the raiding rules before applying).  I've also incorporated additional information relating to our use of Teamspeak as, although it was explained in several locations our use of it and why, we were still getting comments relating to it on applications.  Hopefully this will reinforce our reasoning for it's use.

If anyone has any questions, or notices any bad links or other issues, please let me know.

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Roster Updates - Promotions & Removals

by Poisonenvy, 30 days ago


The following roster updates have been made today:

Promoted from Pup to Cub:

Aelia, Athious, Axefan, Azani, Bradylock, Bubomon, Cowegg, Gaulak, Juvia, Kamien, Loveshield, Magetout, Mayrin, Meryn, Mordo, Ragepaw, Robustús, Ruhaq, Róbustus, Talsinar, Tobez, Tomiyo.

Promoted from Cub to Juvenile:

Azzuma, Calian, Idah, Raejya, Sarphedon.

Promoted from Juvenile to Wolf (and all alts placed in Wolf Alt rank):

Aglion, Biinq, Kazaru, Nandydandy, Sairy, Sorche, Tokuzen.

Promoted from Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf:

Amethist, Loxford, Midinghern, Ryevoker, Desiderion, Fairview, Heidike, Kalafrak, Malic, Peace, Savz, Tryingh, Vampirsha, Wrazz.


For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild info.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If you have ANY character in the Wolf or Wolf Alt rank, and have alts invited into the guild, please remind an officer to promote your new character to the Wolf Alt rank.  Once you have reached the "Wolf" rank, all additional characters should automatically be given the Wolf Alt rank.  (and when I say "automatically" .. I mean we still have to do it manually, but it's not something your new character has to work for ).  If you do not have a character at the Wolf/Wolf Alt/Werewolf rank, then any alts invited into the guild should join as a Pup.  Please ensure you have a note in your public notes in the roster, showing your "main" name.

Please note:  Your "main" name is NOT the character you currently play the most.  It is simply, in the majority of instances, the character you FIRST JOINED WITH.  We have to have some way of linking all of your characters together, so this is how we do it.  If you don't feel comfortable with this process, look at it as more your "first" character and "subsequent" characters.  It's just easier to call them alts, than "subsequents" image

If, prior to today, you were at the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank, and regularly raid, and feel you should be in the Werewolf rank, please let me know and I'll check for you.

The following members have been removed from the guild due to inactivity:

Skrawberries, Rodelem, Synthira, Morethil, Zarizza, Ferosius, Pitytheweak.


Reminder of rules for "inactive" removals and public notes:

"Inactives" are those who have not been online for a substantial period of time - usually 6+ months, although the majority of ranks are eligible for removal after one month inactive, especially if they have not been particularly active within the guild even when they were online.  Characters linked to others in the guild roster using the "Alt" public note are all checked to ensure that all characters have been inactive for some time. 

The only people able to amend your public note now are you, when you're on that character, or an officer.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL YOUR ALTS ARE MARKED AS SUCH.

Characters that have nothing in their public notes linking them to other characters are much more likely to be removed for inactivity (as all linked characters are checked for activity prior to removal for inactivity).  Members who have not registered with this website are much more likely to be removed for inactivity.

Please also do not add anything in the public note section of your alts, other than the "main" character name.  You may, if you wish, add your real name/nickname against your "main" - but no other information.  Gear scores, roles, professions, etc .. all often change and should not be included.  See the Guild Rules for additional information.

Anyone completely removed from the guild roster, who then wishes to rejoin the guild, are welcome to complete a new application form, where they are advised to mention they were a previous guild member.

Some long term inactives will occasionally be placed in the MiA (Missing in Action) rank.  These are people who we feel (or have told us) they may come back, and were long term members prior to that.  When someone is placed on MiA, only one character is kept in guild and the rest are removed, however, if/when they do return, they do not need to reapply, they will be moved out of MiA to Cub (instead of Pup as would have been the case if they'd been removed previously), and they can immediately request for their alts to be reinvited (at Pup rank).  Those in MiA get a longer time away from the game before being considered for removal completely.

Occasionally we will remove members for reasons other than inactivity.  These reasons vary from obvious incompatibilty with the guild to being offline/uncontactable/unresponsive yet causing admin issues in some way, for an extended period of time. 




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Merry Christmas everyone!!

by Poisonenvy, 37 days ago

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Two more bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 37 days ago

Congratulations everyone - two more bosses down!

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