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WoW Remix - Mists of Pandaria

by Poisonenvy, 3 days ago


This time limited event is now LIVE!

For those wishing to do group stuff, or simply be part of the pack whilst enjoying the new(ish) content, you can join the guild using the usual methods.  Please note that "timerunners" can only group with each other.

See this guide for more information:


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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 22 days ago


The following roster updates have been made today:

Promoted from Pup to Cub:

Ayagajin, Diggly, Eggholy, Eggrollie, Elektropop, Freggle, Hades, Herzl, Sepper, Trignotious, Voba, Warplague.

Promoted from Cub to Juvenile:

Aglion, Finner, Karananga, Kleron, Nielya, Nyrs, Smok, Swaghands, Swagrawr.

Promoted from Juvenile to Wolf (and all Alts placed in Wolf Alt rank):


Promoted from Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf:

Sorche, Panglong, Ariela, Dislexie, Alsutus, Morganite.

For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild info.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If you have ANY character in the Wolf or Wolf Alt rank, and have alts invited into the guild, please remind an officer to promote your new character to the Wolf Alt rank.  Once you have reached the "Wolf" rank, all additional characters should automatically be given the Wolf Alt rank.  (and when I say "automatically" .. I mean we still have to do it manually, but it's not something your new character has to work for ).  If you do not have a character at the Wolf/Wolf Alt/Werewolf rank, then any alts invited into the guild should join as a Pup.  Please ensure you have a note in your public notes in the roster, showing your "main" name.

Please note:  Your "main" name is NOT the character you currently play the most.  It is simply, in the majority of instances, the character you FIRST JOINED WITH.  We have to have some way of linking all of your characters together, so this is how we do it.  If you don't feel comfortable with this process, look at it as more your "first" character and "subsequent" characters.  It's just easier to call them alts, than "subsequents" image

If, prior to today, you were at the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank, and regularly raid, and feel you should be in the Werewolf rank, please let me know and I'll check for you.

Reminder of rules for "inactive" removals and public notes:

"Inactives" are those who have not been online for 3 months or more.  Characters linked to others in the guild roster using the "Alt" public note are all checked to ensure that all characters have been inactive for at least this length of time. Some leeway sometimes will be given, if you let us know you're going to be away. 

The only people able to amend your public note now are you, when you're on that character, or an officer.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL YOUR ALTS ARE MARKED AS SUCH.

Characters that have nothing in their public notes linking them to other characters are much more likely to be removed for inactivity (as all linked characters are checked for activity prior to removal for inactivity).  Members who have not registered with this website and/or leave our Discord are much more likely to be removed for inactivity

Please also do not add anything in the public note section of your alts, other than the "main" character name.  You may, if you wish, add your real name/nickname against your "main" - but no other information.  Gear scores, roles, professions, etc .. all often change and should not be included.  See the Guild Rules for additional information.

Anyone completely removed from the guild roster, who then wishes to rejoin the guild, are welcome to complete a new application form, where they are advised to mention they were a previous guild member.

Some long term inactives will occasionally be placed in the MiA (Missing in Action) rank.  These are people who we feel (or have told us) they may come back, and were long term members prior to that.  When someone is placed on MiA, only one character is kept in guild and the rest are removed, however, if/when they do return, they do not need to reapply, they will be moved out of MiA to Cub (instead of Pup as would have been the case if they'd been removed previously), and they can immediately request for their alts to be reinvited (at Pup rank).  Those in MiA get a longer time away from the game before being considered for removal completely.

Occasionally we will remove members for reasons other than inactivity.  These reasons vary from obvious incompatibilty with the guild to being offline/uncontactable/unresponsive yet causing admin issues in some way, for an extended period of time. 


The following members have been removed for long-term inactivity:

These are generally being processed when members reach 3+ month inactivity in-game. 
If they are on our Discord, they will be tagged with a warning first.






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What Season 4 brings ..

by Poisonenvy, 26 days ago


Blizzard have posted a full list of all the updates:



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Patch 10.2.7 Arrives 8th May 2024

by Poisonenvy, 27 days ago



The current patch notes for this, from the PTR:


  • Added heritage armor for the Draenei and Troll races. The heritage armor questlines will not be available for testing on the PTR.
  • Added six new hair colors for Kul Tiran.


    • The hunter pet stable has been updated:
      • The pet preview window is now larger.
      • More information about the pet is displayed, including a list of abilities.
      • Pets can be favorited and added to a separate group at the top of the stable list.
      • The stable list is now searchable and sortable by name, specialization, abilities, and more.
      • Pets can now be renamed directly from the stable without certificate items.
      • Pets can now be released directly from the stable without needing to be summoned.
      • For the Beast Mastery specialization, the pet that is summoned by the Animal Companion talent now has a dedicated slot next to the Active pet list. The tooltip has been updated to reflect this change.


  • All Dragonflight quests that previously became available with Renown levels are now available to all max-level player-characters, regardless of Renown.
    • A night elf has arrived at Bel’ameth to bury the family she lost at Teldrassil. But when her deceased sister is revealed to be a traitor, will the night elves show her sister forgiveness or demand accountability for her sins? Level 70 players can speak with Malfurion Stormrage at the Terrace of the Moon in Bel’ameth to accept the quest “An Uncommon Request” and start this questline.


  • Several changes have been made to improve the experience of finding groups in Premade Group Finder:
    • A filter button has been added that lets you filter results for:
      • Specific dungeons
      • Your role available
      • None of your class already in group
      • Tank and/or healer already in group
      • Minimum Mythic+ Rating of the leader
      • Difficulty
    • The role icons on each listing now show class colors, so you can see the current group makeup at a glance.
    • The listing tooltip now shows the leader’s info in a more readable format: their Mythic+ Rating, their highest key for the listed dungeon, and their highest key for all dungeons.
    • The listing tooltip now shows info for all members of the group, including their specialization and Mythic+ Rating (implementation pending).
    • The listing tooltip now shows the dungeon/raid name and difficulty.
    • A helptip tutorial has been added to teach players that they can search a key range for precise results (for example, 6-10 or 7-7).
    • Groups that no longer fit your filter criteria are marked with a red background (for example, if you selected “Damage role available” and a listed group filled up on damage dealers).
    • Groups you are hard declined from are automatically marked in red and sorted to the bottom.
    • In the leader applicants pane, the applicant tooltip now shows the applicant’s info in a more readable format: their Mythic+ Rating, their highest key for the listed dungeon, and their highest key for all dungeons.
    • Advanced filters will now only appear for max level characters.
    • Filter options will now save between sessions.
    • Language filters will no longer appear for characters on North American realms.
    • Declined applications will now save between refreshes.
  • Recipes can now be tracked from the Crafting Orders window.
  • An option has been added to the Auction House filters to show only current expansion items.
  • The location of Dragonriding Races can now be toggled in the Map filter.
  • You can now create or find a group participating in a Scenario by clicking the Group Finder icon on the Scenario objective.
  • The number of helptip tutorials that appear when logging in on a new character has been reduced.
  • Mount tooltips now show the category the mount belongs in: Ground, Aquatic, Flying, or Dragonriding.
  • When previewing an ensemble or arsenal, the Dressing Room will now show a list of items included in the bundle. Each item can be viewed independently by clicking its name in the list.
  • Solo Shuffle scoreboards will now show the results of the match (Victory, Draw, or Defeat) in the title.
    • Mount categories (Ground, Aquatic, Flying, or Dragonriding) will now be shown in the Trading Post details panel.
    • Level requirements for using a mount will now be shown in the Trading Post details panel.


The event linked to this patch, Remix - Mists of Pandaria, will launch the following week, on 16th May at 10am PDT world-wide (if my maths is correct (no guarantee!!) this will be 7pm server time).



World of Warcraft Remix is a time-limited event which allows players to re-experience the entirety of the Mists of Pandaria expansion at an accelerated rate from level 10 through 70. All loot has been completely overhauled and has powerful new effects allowing players to shape their experience, power up, and power on. Features include:

  • Accelerated Leveling and Content allowing you to take on nearly every quest, scenario, dungeon and raid.
  • Create a new WoW Remix character starting at level 10 to adventure through the event up to level 70.
  • A mountain of loot: Get powerful items from everywhere— quests, chests, creatures, bosses.
  • Customizable items allowing you to power up as far as you can go to take on tougher content.
  • Convert unwanted items into Bronze which can be used to upgrade items or purchase cosmetics.
  • Keep what you collect: Take your collection of transmogs with you into The War Within.


You can read more about this here:




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Two new Officers

by Poisonenvy, 34 days ago


Please join me in congratulating both Blug and Tryingh for gaining the Officer rank!

As members may have noticed, we've been a bit low on Officers recently, but we didn't want to rush the decision so have been taking our time, considering alternatives, fielding suggestions and assessing our options.

Both Blug and Tryingh have shown their commitment to the guild and to helping the people in it, with good humour, and having an understanding of how the guild works.

We thank them both for accepting the position - we do hope you'll make them feel comfortable in their new roles!



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Season 4 Launches 24th April 2024

by Poisonenvy, 47 days ago

Season 4 of Dragonflight arrives April 23 (US)/April 24(EU)
Awakened Dragonflight Raids
New Mythic+ Rotation and Progression
New PvP Season
And more!

See this Wowhead post for more information and keep an eye on our Discord for updates.

Blizzard have also posted the following information:

Dragonflight Season 3 will be ending 23 April at 21:00 BST, the night before the regularly scheduled maintenance, with Dragonflight Season 4 beginning immediately following on April 24.  Here’s what you can expect as the seasons transition.

Dragonflight Season 3: Mythic+ and Raids

With the season’s end, ratings that qualify for the 0.1% Dreaming Hero: Dragonflight Season 3 achievement will be recorded.

The “Dreaming Hero” title and achievement will be rewarded during the weeks following after the season ends, so make sure to wait to change factions until after you have received the title.

All other Mythic+ achievements and rewards can still be earned until Dragonflight Season 4 begins.

Seasonal Rewards Going Away with the Start of Dragonflight Season 4

  • Ahead of the Curve: Fyrakk the Blazing (Reward: Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of Shadowflame)
  • Cutting Edge: Fyrakk the Blazing
  • Hall of Fame: Fyrakk the Blazing (Reward: "Famed Slayer of Fyrakk" title)
  • Dragonflight Keystone Explorer: Season Three
  • Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror: Season Three (Reward: "the Dreaming" title)
  • Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season Three (Reward: Verdant Armoredon)
  • Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three
  • Dreaming Hero: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: "the Dreaming Hero" title)
  • Dragonflight Season 3 Master (Reward: Emerald Mark of Mastery)
  • Dragonflight Season 3 Hero (Reward: Emerald Blossom Dreamstone)
  • Keystone Hero Dungeon Portals

Dragonflight Season 3: PvP

With the season’s end, it will no longer be possible to earn PvP seasonal rewards, titles, or Dragonflight Season 3 rankings.

Seasonal PvP Rewards Going Away with the Start of Season 4

  • Combatant I: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: Season 3 PvP Cloak)
  • Combatant II: Dragonflight Season 3 (Rewards: Season 3 PvP Legs and Bracers)
  • Challenger I: Dragonflight Season 3 (Rewards: Season 3 PvP Gloves and Boots)
  • Challenger I: Dragonflight Season 3 (Rewards: Season 3 PvP Chest and Belt)
  • Rival I: Dragonflight Season 3 (Rewards: Season 3 PvP Head, Shoulder, and Helm)
  • Duelist: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: Illusion: Verdant Crush)
  • Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: Verdant Gladiator's Slitherdrake)
  • Verdant Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: "Verdant Gladiator" title)
  • Elite: Dragonflight Season 3 ( Rewards: Verdant Gladiator's Prestigious Cloak and Verdant Gladiator's Tabard)
  • Legend: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: Verdant Legend's Pennant)
  • Verdant Legend: Dragonflight Season 3 (Reward: "Verdant Legend" title)


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Patch 10.2.6 - Plunderstorm!

by Poisonenvy, 61 days ago

This new patch content is arriving tomorrow (20th March) in the EU with the usual class tweaks and a variety of little changes to various trinkets, etc.  More information on those can be found here.

The big news for this patch, however, is a new "outside of WoW" limited time game called Plunderstorm.  This will (apparently) be selectable as a new version of WoW.  It is available for anyone with a WoW subscription - so if you're currently only playing classic and don't have Dragonflight, that's fine, you can still play.

Playing gives the opportunity to gained various cosmetics, pets and mounts for your actual WoW and Classic games.

It isn't based on your current WoW characters but gives you a selection of preprepared characters to pick from which, as you play, gain in abilities and upgrades.  As an added bonus, for those of us who are a bit rubbish at this type of thing, you don't even have to be alive to gain rewards!  Woohoo!

Blizzard states:

"Get swept away in the Plunderstorm — a fun, new, limited-time, pirate-themed event of prodigious proportions lasting the next several weeks. Scour the map and try to be the last pirate standing while dashing across the Arathi Highlands to find abilities and upgrades while plundering loot just to survive! Players can earn cosmetics, pets, titles, and mounts as they progress through the reward track, including a majestic Plunderlord parrot mount, Bubbles the crab pet, swashbuckling cosmetics, and more. A victory is not required to claim the spoils of a well-fought fight."

For more information see their page:

They've also put out a couple of videos:


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