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Below is a guide of some possible, successful combinations for these fights, together with suggested pets.  This is taken from a guide originally published on wowhead.


Lv25 Anubisath Idol
Lv25 Bonkers
Lv25 Curious Wolvar Pup
Lv25 Pandaren Monk

Lv25 any Moth
Lv25 Sandy Petrel
Lv25 Wildhammer Gryphon Hatchling
Lv25 Blighthawk
Lv25 Fossilized Hatchling
Lv20+ Ghostly Skull
Lv25 Scourged Whelpling
Lv20+ Unborn Val'kyr
Lv25 Nordrassil Wisp (speed 310+)
Lv25 Nordrassil Wisp (speed 310+)
Lv25 Lofty Libram
Lv25 Nether Faerie Dragon
Lv25 Nexus Whelpling
Lv25 Wild Crimson Hatchling

Lv25 Core Hound Pup
Lv25 Pandaren Water Spirit
Lv25 Searing Scorchling or Fel Flame
Lv25 Terrible Turnip
Lv25 any Fox (Speed 297+)
Lv25 any Fox
Lv25 any Spider
Lv25 any Spider
Lv25 Zandalari Anklerender
Lv25 Zandalari Kneebiter
Lv25 Aqua Strider
Lv25 any Frog (pref Speed 264+)

Lv25 Brown Marmot
Lv25 Rapana Whelk
Lv25 Clockwork Gnome
Lv25 Darkmoon Tonk
Lv25 Darkmoon Zeppelin
Lv25 Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling
Lv25 Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
Lv25 Warbot

Little Tommy Newcomer

Lil' Oondasta Breed B/B
Spiritfire Beam, Frill Blast, Crush
2631 750 206
Counter With:
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry Call Lightning
Clockwork Gnome Metal Fist, Build Turret
Darkmoon Zeppelin Missile, Decoy
-Open with Sunreaver Micro-Sentry-
Turn 1: Call Lightning
-His Frill ability will force Clockwork Gnome out-
Turn 2: Build Turret
Turn 3: Metal Fist
-Clockwork Gnome usually dies and resurrects here-
-Bring out Sunreaver Micro-Sentry-

Turn 4: Immolate (if he doesn't kill you first)
-Bring out Clockwork Gnome-
Turn 5: Build Turret
-Clockwork Gnome usually dies here-
-Bring out Darkmoon Zeppelin-

Turn 6: Decoy
Turn 7: Missile
Turn 8: Missile
-Lil' Oondasta should be dead at this point-

There are numerous guides to beating Little Tommy Newcomer, this is just the strategy I figured out the first time I fought him and it's worked so well for me that I've seen no reason to change it.

*NOTE* Remember to heal your pets before entering the Celestial Tournament.



Celestial Tournament Fights

 The Celestials


Lorewalker Cho

Wisdom    S/S     1600     281     394
Wild Magic
Patience    H/H      2209     300     253
Knowledge    P/P      1600     431     244
Tail Sweep
Amplify Magic
Solar Beam
Counter With:
Nether Faerie Dragon any Spider any Spider
Arcane Blast Strike Strike
Life Exchange Brittle Webbing Brittle Webbing
Moonfire Leech Life Leech Life
  • Lorewalker Cho begins with Wisdom
  • Open with Nether Faerie Dragon
Turn 1: Moonfire
Turn 2: Arcane Blast
Turn 3: Arcane Blast
  • Wisdom should be dead at this point
  • Lorewalker Cho brings out Patience
Turn 4: Life Exchange
Turn 5: Arcane Blast
Turn 6: Arcane Blast
  • Nether Faerie Dragon should be dead at this point, if not, continue to Arcane Blast
  • Swap to a Spider when Nether Faerie Dragon is dead
From this point, simply keep Brittle Web up and use Strike. Use Leech Life as needed.
  • Lorewalker Cho brings out Wisdom
Cast Brittle Web.
Knowledge will cast Amplify Magic as his first turn.
Do not bother trying to use Leech Life after Wisdom's first Tail Sweep when he is buffed with Amplify Magic, you won't survive it. Just use Strike twice before your first Spider dies.
Switch to your second Spider and continue to keep up Brittle Web and use Strike. Use Leech Life if needed.

Dr. Ion Goldbloom

Screamer    P/P      1600     422     253
Alpha Strike
Feign Death
Trike    H/H      2163     314     248
Adrenaline Rush
Horn Attack
Chaos    S/S      1600     281     394
Counter With:
Warbot Nexus Whelpling Wild Crimson Hatchling
Missile Tail Sweep Tail Sweep
Minefield Mana Surge Healing Flame
Launch Rocket Arcane Storm Lift-Off
  • Ion Goldbloom begins with Screamer
  • Open with Warbot
Turn 1: Minefield
  • Swap to Nexus Whelpling
Turn 2: Arcane Storm
Turn 3: Mana Surge
Turn 4: Mana Surge continues
  • Screamer uses Feign Death and swaps with Trike
Minefield hits Trike, and (with luck) Mana Surge hits Trike
  • Nexus Whelpling usually dies here, if not, save him for later
  • Bring in Warbot
Turn 5 & 6: If Trike is still more than 25% HP, use Launch Rocket for turns 5 and 6. Otherwise, spam Missile if it will kill him in 2 turns or less.
  • Trike dies, Ion Goldbloom brings out Screamer again
Turn 7: Minefield
Turn 8: Launch Rocket
  • Warbot dies and revives after Screamers Fly hits it
Turn 9: Use second Launch Rocket
  • Screamer should die here
  • Ion Goldbloom brings out Chaos
Turn 10: Chaos takes damage from Minefield, use Missile
  • Warbot should die here, if not continue to use Missile
  • Bring out Nexus Whelpling if it's alive and use Mana Surge for Turn 11, otherwise, bring out Wild Crimson Hatchling
Turn 11: Tail Sweep
Continue to Tail Sweep. Use Healing Flame if your HP goes below 50%.
Use Fly when Chaos casts Uncertainty to avoid Logic damage.

Sully "The Pickle" McLeary

Socks    B/B      1975     319     263
Infected Claw
Unholy Ascension
Monte    P/P      1600     431     263
Huge, Sharp Teeth!
Vicious Streak
Rikki    B/B      1741     319     309
Cute Face
Counter With:
any Frog Sandy Petrel any Moth
Tongue Lash Thrash Slicing Wind
Healing Wave Cyclone Cocoon Strike
Swarm of Flies Lift-Off Moth Dust
  • Sully begins with Socks
  • Open with Frog
Turn 1: Tongue Lash
Turn 2: Swarm of Flies
Turn 3: Healing Wave
Turn 4: Tongue Lash
Turn 5: Tongue Lash
Turn 6: Swarm of Flies
  • Socks dies around this point and will cast Unholy Ascension before dying
  • Sully brings out Monte
Turn 7: Healing Wave
Continue to Tongue Lash and Heal as necessary until Frog is dead
  • Bring out Sandy Petrel
Turn 8: Cyclone
Turn 9: Thrash
Turn 10: Thrash
Turn 11: Fly
  • Monte should die around this point, continue to spam Thrash and try to coordinate Fly with Burrow
  • Sully brings out Rikki
If Sandly Petrel is still alive, coordinate Fly with Bloodfang to avoid him healing. Continue with Sandy Petrel until dead
  • Bring out Moth
Turn 12: Moth Dust
Turn 13: Slicing Wind
Continue with Moth until Rikki is dead. Time Cocoon Strike with either Gnaw or Bloodfang


Cindy    S/S      1600     300     375
Diseased Bite
Blistering Cold
Ice Tomb
Alex    H/H      1975     300     300
Ancient Blessing
Dah'da    P/P      1600     375     300
Elementium Bolt
Counter With:
Brown Marmot Scourged Whelpling Curious Wolvar Pup
Chomp Tail Sweep Punch
Crouch Call Darkness Frenzyheart Brew
Burrow Dreadful Breath  
  • Wrathion begins with Cindy
  • Open with Brown Marmot
Turn 1: Chomp If you miss this attack you can Forfeit the battle and start over.
Turn 2: Chomp If you miss this attack you can Forfeit the battle and start over.
Turn 3: Burrow Avoids Ice Tomb and Diseased Bite
Turn 4: Crouch
  • Cindy usually dies around this point
  • Wrathion brings out Alex
Turn 5: Chomp
Turn 6: Chomp
Turn 7: Chomp
  • Brown Marmot usually dies around here
  • Bring out Scourged Whelpling
Turn 8: Dreadful Breath
Turn 9: Dreadful Breath continues
Turn 10: Dreadful Breath continues
Turn 11: Call Darkness This should be up in time for Alex's second Ancient Blessing
Turn 12: Dreadful Breath
Turn 13: Dreadful Breath continues
Turn 14: Dreadful Breath continues
  • Alex usually dies around this point
  • Wrathion brings out Dah'da
Turn 15: Tail Sweep
  • Scourged Whelpling usually dies around here
  • Bring in Curious Wolvar Pup
Turn 16: Frenzyheart Brew If Dah'da only has around 500HP, use Punch instead to finish him off
Turn 17: Punch
  • Dah'da usually dies around this point
Notes:Using two full Dreadful Breath's with Scourged Whelpling is going to go a long way towards making this fight easier. Allowing Alex's first Ancient Blessing to go off without Darkness active will stretch the battle out long enough so that you can do more damage to Dah'da in the back line with Dreadful Breath.

Chen Stormstout

Tonsa    P/S      1600     381     287
Chirps    S/S      1600     319     375
Locust Swarm
Brewly    H/H      2069     300     281
Brew Bolt
Barrel Toss
Counter With:
Clockwork Gnome Anubisath Idol Pandaren Water Spirit
Metal Fist Crush Water Jet
Repair Sandstorm Healing Wave
Build Turret Deflection Geyser
  • Chen begins with Tonsa
  • Open with Clockwork Gnome
Turn 1: Build Turret
Turn 2: Pass if stunned Otherwise, use Metal Fist
Turn 3: Metal Fist
Turn 4: Metal Fist
  • Tonsa usually dies at this point
  • Chen will bring out Chirps keep Clockwork Gnome in for 1 round to soak Lullaby, then swap for Anubisath Idol
Turn 5: Sandstorm
Turn 6: Crush
Turn 7: Crush
Turn 8: Crush
Turn 9: Crush
  • Chirps usually dies at this point
  • Chen brings out Brewly
Turn 10: Deflection Should block Inebriate
Turn 11: Sandstorm
Turn 12: Crush
  • Anubisath Idol ususally dies at this point, if not, continue using Crush until he does
  • Bring out Pandaren Water Spirit
Turn 13: Geyser
Turn 14: Healing Wave
Turn 15: Water Jet
Turn 16: Water Jet
Turn 17: Water Jet If you are missing attacks, use Healing Wave as needed
  • Brewly usually dies at this point
Notes:This fight is pretty straightforward, but Brewly's Inebriate ability can cause some problems with your pets accuracy if you get particularly bad RNG.

Taran Zhu

Yen    P/S      1600     362     306
Blackout Kick
Feign Death
Bolo    H/P      1863     334     300
Blinding Powder
Li    S/S      1600     300     394
Triple Snap
Spin Kick
Counter With:
Rapana Whelk Blighthawk Fossilized Hatchling
Absorb Infected Claw Bone Bite
Shell Shield Ghostly Bite Ancient Blessing

  • Taran Zhu begins with Yen
  • Open with Rapana Whelk The Critter passive will counter his Blackout Kick
Turn 1: Shield Shell
Turn 2: Absorb
Turn 3: Dive
Turn 4: Absorb Continue to use Absorb and keep Shield Shell up
  • Yen will usually Feign Death around half health, Taran Zhu swaps to Bolo
  • Bring in Fossilized Hatchling
Turn 5: Bonestorm
Turn 6: Ancient Blessing
Turn 7: Bone Bite
Turn 8: Bonestorm
  • Fossilized Hatchling usually dies at this point
  • Bring in Blighthawk
Turn 9: Infected Claw May have to wait a couple of rounds to use it if you get hit by Blinding Powder
  • Bolo should die at this point
  • If Yen did not die from Bonestorm he will be brought out, otherwise, Taran Zhu will bring out Li
If Yen comes out, switch to Rapana Whelp and use Absorb. If you choose, you can attempt to kill Yen with Blighthawk using Infected Claw, but be aware that getting stunned from Blackout Kick is very likely.
Turn 10: Lift Off Li will use Bandage first but with luck you'll avoid Spin Kick while using Lift Off
Turn 11: Infected Claw Use Ghostly Bite to finish him off if he only has around 900HP
Turn 12: Ghostly Bite
  • Li usually dies at this point
  1. Be aware of when the Blinding Powder debuff is active on your pet so that you do NOT waste a Bonestorm. This fight does allow for some wiggle room on how you choose to do it, but getting two Bonestorm's off before the Fossilized Hatchling dies will make a noticeable difference.
  2. Be aware of how hard your non-critical Ghostly Bite hits for. You want the opposing pet to actually die from the ability so that you aren't sitting there stunned for a round after using it.


More Celestial Tournament

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em