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This is a guide for the achievement Fungal Frenzy, one of the several achievements that can be earned through doing the Therazane daily quests. These achievements are under the Cataclysm subsection of the Quests menu in your Achievement log.

First you must follow the quest lines through Deepholm until the Therazane quests open up to you. Then you must do the Fungal Fury quest. This quests requires you to destroy 10 freshly sprouted mushrooms. The mushroom can be found on the northern part of the Crimson Expanse in Deepholm. You will see the little gear icon pop up as you float your cursor over one in order to destroy it. There are four types of mushrooms you can destroy. In order to get the achievement, you must have the debuff from each mushroom simultaneously. The debuffs from three of the mushrooms last for two minutes, allowing you plenty of time to destroy one of each. The trapcap mushroom is instantaneous so you want to make sure to save it for last.

Shuffletruffle increases your run speed for two minutes. It is found near blue and gray rocky formations. Getting this one first helps you zoom to the rest.
Shrinkshroom makes you smaller! This debuff lasts two minutes. You can find these near the rocks that have the large red mushrooms growing around them. For a little added fun toss back a Noggenfogger Elixir or Pygmy Oil to see how small you can get!
Poolstool increases both the damage that you do and the damage that you take. It is found near pools of water, usually by rocks. It's fairly easy to spot since it's big and red.
Trapcap mushrooms explode when you click them. They toss you up in the air and way back. The “debuff” will be instant and not last two minutes like the others so you’ll need to save this one for last. It may also agro mobs that it explodes on. You'll find them around the base of the big, tall, red crystal formation.

This map is a quick view of the general locations of each type of mushroom. You can even spot a couple on the map. The screenshot was taken while facing south toward the Crimson Expanse. It's the approach you'd see of the Crimson Expanse by flying from Therazane's Throne. Take a moment to do a fly over to spot each type of mushroom before embarking on your fungal frenzy!

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