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Dark Wolves is an adult guild (18+), run by and for the adult players of World of Warcraft.  We are a Horde faction guild on the EU Tarren Mill realm (connected to Dentarg).

We are made up of casual, adult players of World of Warcraft, who often have busy real lives and play WoW to have a bit of fun and relax.

Alts (alternate characters) are welcome in the guild - many members have many alts (although some will concentrate on just one or two).

Dark Wolves is a hybrid "casual raiding/social guild".  For us, this means that some of us raid, some of us don't.  When we do raid, we have fun just being there .. a boss kill is a bonus.  We do expect people to try their best - by our very nature we often "just scrape through" on fights, so we can't afford to carry people.  But if raiders put in the effort to try their best, that's all we ask.  Please do not expect us to faceroll encounters, breeze through new instances and new content with only a couple of wipes .. this will not happen.  We will die.  A lot.  We also laugh about it, tease each other, discuss tactics and alternative ways of doing things - usually fuelled by plenty of snacks and the occasional glass of something. 

We ARE an adult only (18+) guild, meaning we don't generally allow members under 18 years of age. 

We have various sites that we use to keep in touch and provide information.  This website is the core of that, with our recruitment/application process based here, along with static information such as our guild rules, raiding rules and other information that needs to be easy to access and find. 

Our primary method of communication outside of the game itself is our Discord.  This is used primarily as text channels with channels ranging from discussing raids, organising M+ and sharing class advice to discussing computer upgrades and sharing pictures of our pets.  We do not spend much time on voice comms, other than for group events such as raids or dungeons.  We also use Teamspeak, which is solely used for raiding voice comms.  Any raiders are expected, at the very least, to be able to log into and use our teamspeak server, set to "push to talk".

We also have a resource site which is a cut down version of some of this website, primarily focussed on raiding (including what we expect from raiders, and what they can expect from us, and brief tactics for raid bosses), with some brief content related to current dungeons.

Alongside those, you can also follow us on Facebook for any important general updates.

Ranks and Promotions

The guild ranks are, in order from lowest to highest: Pup, Cub, Juvenile, Wolf Alt, Wolf, Werewolf, Beauwolf, Beta and Alpha.  There is also an additional rank (Missing in Action, or "MiA") for members who have been away from the game for some time, but we consider may be back.

Alpha is the Guild Leader and Beta is the "officer" rank. Beauwolf is a rank reserved for "alts" of the Beta members, and was created in memory of a well loved member of the guild, Beauvine, who sadly died after a tragic accident. 

Werewolf rank is limited to those members of the guild who have attained the "Wolf" rank, and are regular raiders with those specific characters.  More information regarding the Werewolf rank can be found in the raiding rules

The Wolf Alt rank is reserved for alts of members who have reached the Wolf rank, and bestows the same privileges.  

Other than the Wolf/Wolf alt and officer ranks, all ranks are awarded on a per character basis.  Inactive characters will either not progress up the ranks or progress slowly.  However, inactive characters of a member who has achieved Wolf rank with another character will automatically be placed in the Wolf Alt rank.  Inactive characters that are not attached to an active "main" run the risk of being removed.

When you are first invited into the guild, you will be placed in the Pup rank - a probationary trial ranking where you get to see if the guild is where you want to be. If you are happy to continue on in the guild after three weeks, there are no objections from more senior members of the guild, and you have been active for a reasonable time during that three weeks, then you will be eligible to be promoted to a Cub. 

Please note that the probationary period works both ways.  It is a time for new members to see if we're the type of guild they want to be in, and it's a period for us to ensure that you seem to fit in with the guild.  If either party decide during that time that we're not a good fit, there will be no hard feelings and we would wish you well in your search.  Feedback is welcomed in order to improve our future recruitment procedures. 

Promotions will be earned through activities within the guild on a per character basis - helping other members, taking part in guild chat, etc.  Any promotion is purely at the discretion of the Guild Leader and Officers - asking for a promotion will not make a promotion occur any faster - indeed it may slow the process down!

The Guild Leader or an assigned officer will carry out promotions at a time they see fit - in theory they happen approximately once every two weeks or so, however, this is flexible depending on the recent member intake, any roster changes that are taking place, real life time constraints on the person carrying out the promotions and how many other things are being organised/dealt with at the same time. 

Please be aware that you may see your promotion as "someone just needs to click the button" - we see it as at least an hours uninterrupted work in between looking after the guild vault; guild auctions; organising, running and participating in guild events, instance runs and raids; maintaining, updating and administering the guild website and Facebook page and general guild troubleshooting - dealing with problems, whispers and messages "on the fly".  Bear in mind this person is like you - they want to play WoW occasionally, too!

The benefits to promotion are increasing access to items in the guild vault and repairs.

All guild members will be classed as inactive if they have not logged into any of their linked characters for three months.

Officers who fail to come online for two months without prior notice risk demotion to Wolf rank. After that they are liable to the same removal rules as all other members of the guild.

Anyone flagged as inactive is likely to be removed during the next roster update.

Should you have problems getting into WoW for a long period of time for any reason, you can contact us through the website using either the forums or Private Message, through our Facebook site or, ideally, through our Discord, where we can put a hold on your characters removal and discuss options.

If you know you are going to be away from the game for more than three months, but intend to come back, please let us know so that we can place you in the MiA rank.  This will ensure you aren't removed from the guild accidentally prior to your return and also protect the guild should your account be hacked.  Your alts will be removed from the guild to reduce roster clutter.

The MiA (Missing in Action) rank is a minimal access rank, to protect the guild against hacked accounts whilst members are away from the game.  Members in the MiA rank who return to activity will be placed back in the Cub rank and then subject to the normal roster rules.  They can then get their alts re-invited if they wish.

Please note: "Member" refers to the account holder and is usually linked to their "main" character name.  "Character" refers to individual characters and alts.

"Mains" and "Alts"

A lot of guild members have more than one character they enjoy playing.  We currently have no limit to the number of characters a member can have in the guild, all we ask is that you ensure all of your characters are linked in the roster notes.

A members "main" character is generally the character they first joined us with.  It doesn't have to be the character they play the most, or even at all, it is simply the first to join the guild.  A member's "alts" are any additional characters that have joined subsequent to the first.  Each of the additional characters should have a public note in the roster stating that is it an alt of the first character to join.

Should a member remove their "main" character from the guild, or rename it, then they can ask for an alternative character to be classed as their "main".

"Main" and "Alt" characters are treated exactly the same in the roster, with the same rules for promotion and inclusion in the guild and guild events.  There is therefore no reason to switch which character is shown as "main" in the roster.

If you wish an alt to join the guild, simply whisper someone online in the guild from your alt, asking for an invite, referring to your "main" character name.

Please do ensure that all of your characters are linked via the roster notes.  You can do this either by asking the GM or an officer to amend them, or do so yourself (please note that in order to alter your own notes, you must be logged onto the character you're amending).  This is partially because, when you reach "Wolf" rank with any of your characters, all your linked characters are promoted to Wolf Alt, and partially because characters that don't appear to be linked to an active member are likely to be removed from the guild for inactivity.  "Linking" means ensuring that all of your alts have a note in their roster public note stating "X Alt" (where "X" is your "main" character name). 

We do not, as a rule, generally change the "main" and "alt" designations for any other reason than if the currently designated "main" leaves the guild/is deleted.  If we do it for one, we have to be seen to do it for all; many people have many alts; some people switch which character they consider their "main" on a fairly regular basis.  All this stacks up to mean that, if we started changing the "main" character for people, it would involve a lot of admin, changing links in our guild management addon; changing all of the alt notes in the guild roster; changing discord nicknames, etc - every time someone decided to play a different character for a while.  Life, effectively, is too short for that. 

If people wish to be "known as" a different name, then we encourage them to use the Identity-2 addon.  You may, if you wish, place the name you wish to be known by, in the public roster notes against your "main".  Please do not include any other information.  Any information deemed inappropriate in public notes will be deleted.  Persistent offenders amending their notes inappropriately run the risk of being removed from the guild.

Returning Members

Any members who leave the guild (for whatever reason) and wish to return, must reapply using the normal application process on this website.  We ask those wishing to return, to refer to their previous character(s) that had been in the guild. We reserve the right to refuse reinstatement into the guild without explanation (although usually it is fairly obvious!). Should a returning member join without doing so, they risk the possibility of removal from the guild without warning. 

Any returning members will join at the Pup rank again and will be treated as any other new member in respect of promotions, access to banks, etc.

Recruiting New Members

We only take on new (or returning) members via the application process. If you are approached with a request to join from a potential new member, please ask them to check out this website first, including this page, and to apply via our application form on this site.  If a friend/family member wishes to join, please ask them to mention it on their application, as this will often "short-cut" part of the process.

Should you be approached for an invitation from a potential new member, ensure they have applied via the website, and that their application has been accepted, prior to sending them an invite.  Should their application still be pending, or refused, please refer them to an officer or the Guild Leader. 

We do have an age restriction in place, therefore please explain that we are an adult guild and expect new members to act accordingly.

Requests for Help

Please be considerate in your requests for help. Members are encouraged to help each other, primarily by giving advice on the Guild Chat channel.

Please bear in mind that all quests other than dungeon and "group" quests should be doable by a lone character. If you find one too difficult, either ask for hints in Guild Chat, check one of the helpful websites or simply leave it for another day. Other members of the guild may volunteer to help, especially if they have a character of the same level/with the same quest, but please don't expect others to drop everything - bear in mind that, whilst you are questing, it is more than likely others are too.

If you need help with an instance or group quest, please just make a request in the open guild channel or use the Calendar to organise something for a future date. Please DO NOT whisper people individually begging for help - this makes people feel uncomfortable and less likely to want to help. Again, please don't expect others to drop everything - most people are not just stood around waiting for something to do but are busy with their own characters.

You are more likely to get help if you have previously helped others - either doing quests with others or simply giving advice on the Guild Chat channel.

The Guild Vault

We have all tabs in the Guild Vault, these being for various materials (split over two tabs); patterns/recipes; armour and weapons; potions and buff foods etc.  The final tab is dedictated to raiders and is ONLY available to those in the Werewolf rank (and above).  It is used for potions, flasks and various consumables to be used during guild raids.

Please note that Pups can donate to the banks, but cannot withdraw. All ranks after that have increasing access to the vault. Please don't request items from sections of the vault that you do not have access to.

The guild is happy to accept donations which can be deposited in the relevant slots in the Vault (or if you do not have access to the relevant slot, you can either mail to an officer rank with a request to place in the correct slot, or place in a tab you can access, for future movement). If you can access the relevant tabs, please deposit items in the correct place!

Please don't donate grey items, bandages, non-buff foods or items that can be easily purchased off most vendors - these will only reduce space in the vault for more useful items.

We are happy to accept items that you have made, but please only deposit one or two of any specific item to reduce clogging up of the bank slots.

Please note that there is a "system" in place that is monitored regularly - please feel free to add/remove items as necessary, but resist the temptation to rearrange items already there unless you are fully aware of the system. The bank vault takes a lot of time and effort to keep organised and we therefore take a dim view of anyone increasing that load!

Fair Use Policy: The guild bank vault is just that, a bank vault for the benefit of members of the guild. Please DO NOT remove items from the vault to benefit other characters not in the guild, or for resale. All items withdrawn by a member must be for the sole benefit of that member (or the guild), either something that member will wear or utilise in some way personally. If you are unsure, please ask prior to withdrawal.

CLARIFICATION: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT ALL DONATIONS TO THE GUILD VAULT ARE JUST THAT .. DONATIONS.  THEY ARE CLASSED AS GIFTS GIVEN TO THE GUILD TO BE USED FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE GUILD AS A WHOLE.  If you place something in the guild vault by accident, please contact an officer or the guild leader as soon as possible after the event in order to reclaim it.  By "as soon as possible", we mean a matter of hours .. perhaps a day or so .. however, please be aware that once an item is in the vault, anyone with the rank to remove that item, can do so if they wish (as long as they adhere to our fair use policy).  If it is a monetary addition to the guild vault that has been added by accident (for example you added too much), you need to notify an officer or the guild leader within the day ... if we cannot see the donation on the vault logs, we can't verify the amounts involved.

The Website

We recommend that all members of the guild fully sign up and visit the website and forums on a regular basis - any news, updates or useful information will be posted here. The more members who access and post on the website, the more useful it will become to all members. 

We also run a Facebook page which we encourage people to "Like" - major announcements will also be linked there, however, please note that normal forum activity and website changes/updates will NOT be reproduced on the Facebook site.  Conversely, some of the activity on Facebook will not be reflected on the website - interesting news items/videos, screenshots etc can often be found there.

The vast majority of our online presence outside of the game itself currently takes place on our extensive discord channels.  We encourage all guild members to join our discord channel and visit regularly.  Discord is our "guild chat" outside of WoW, gives access to many useful text channels, alongside voice channels guild members use for dungeons and other group content (not including guild organised raids).  You can visit discord in your browser, however, the recommended way to access it is either via your mobile phone using the app or using the desktop app, both of which you can set to notify you if there are new messages or new messages directed at you.

You can download the discord app here:

You can join our discord channel here:


Dark Wolves prides itself on not "doing" drama.  We therefore take a very dim view of anyone promoting "drama" in any way, shape or form.  This can consist of rumourmongering, swearing, taking over the guild chat channel for a personal conversation, attempting to "ninja" loot (taking loot you do not qualify for), creating "cliques" (a group of people who interact primarily within that group, excluding other guild members), begging for gold/items/help, harrassing other guild members, taking part in "Barrens" type Trade chat and generally poorly representing our guild and/or guild members to other guilds/players. 

Please bear in mind that you asked to join us, therefore suggesting that you wished to be part of our guild and our way of playing.  If you get involved in drama, despite our intention to avoid it, it suggests you no longer find our guild a good match for you, and we would suggest you find a guild who is a better fit.

We do understand that occasionally people make mistakes or say the wrong thing .. we're only human .. but we are also adults and we expect people to behave as such.  If there is a problem with another member of the guild (regardless of rank), with the policies of the guild, with something that has occurred that is affecting your time in the guild, please do not let it fester .. problems are much easier dealt with early.  Please speak to either the guild leader or one of the officers to try and resolve any potential problems as soon as possible.

We encourage honesty at all times when it comes to problem-solving.  Nothing encourages drama to proliferate more, than when people are dishonest (regardless of the reason).  Obviously the guild is full to the gills of rich playboys (and girls) who are astronauts in their spare time, but when we're serious about stuff, we ask that people are open and honest.  We really don't mind if you're NOT an astronaut.  ;-)

Please also note .. the guild leader and officers (and the guild members too, for that matter) cannot see into the future, nor can they read minds.  Don't assume we know about a problem - it's better for more than one person to bring something to our attention, than none at all.


Should you have a grievance, please let one of the Officers or the Guild Leader know, either by whisper or via the in-game mail system. We understand that in guilds there will occasionally be misunderstandings or problems ... a lot of these can be resolved simply by checking this website for information or by letting us know - being an Alpha/Beta does NOT make us all knowing and we will occasionally miss things or make mistakes, so please don't take it to heart, we're friendly folk, honest!

On the other hand, should we get a lot of complaints about one particular individual, depending on the offence/perceived offence, we may just have a chat, or we may just simply remove the individual from the guild.

Removal from the Guild

There are various reasons for being removed from the guild, the usual one being that your character simply has not been active enough (see above).  Once members are removed due to inactivity, a notice will be made on this website, in the "News" section and, if they have registered with this website, they will receive a message to that effect.

Any other removals from the guild will usually be simply because of a member not adhering to our guidelines. Please read them carefully. They are not difficult, and there are not many of them, but claiming a lack of knowledge is not a good enough excuse. Most members will be given at least one warning, often more, prior to removal - either via guild chat, whisper or an in-game mail.

If you have been removed from the guild and are unsure why, please contact either the guild leader or an officer (Beta). It should, however, have been explained to you and be obvious why it has happened. If you have been removed from the guild, please note that it was NOT done lightly, there WILL have been a good reason for it, and if we receive complaints that you are annoying members of the guild because of it, you will be reported to Blizzard and run the risk of your account being banned.


If you think you may wish to raid with us, you can view our full raiding rules and guidelines on our Raiding Rules page.

The basics are that we regularly organise current level raiding for guild members.  There is no restriction on who can attend based on rank or past experience, although there will usually be a restriction based on gear level and potential output.  This will vary depending on the particular event requirements.  We have no restrictions about raiding with alts.  As long as the character is in our guild and fulfils requirements, it is eligible to sign up for raids.  This includes alts, mains and characters belonging to people who also have other characters (raiders or otherwise) in other guilds, irrespective of rank.

If you wish to raid elsewhere, with a character in our guild, then please note the following:

  • Random pug groups are wholly acceptable.
  • Random pug groups, alongside a few other guild members is, again, wholly acceptable.
  • Random pug groups, alongside 7 or more other guild members is requested NOT to occur.  When 8 guild members raid together, the system believes then that it is an organised guild raid, and assigns/records any achievements gained as guild achievements.  We do not wish this to happen.
  • Raiding with a set group or guild, that is not part of our guild, is acceptable on an occasional basis - however, if it becomes a regular thing, we would suggest that you should actually be in the guild you're raiding with on a regular basis, if this is the case.
  • Raiding with a set group or community, that is not part of our guild, is acceptable, however, if you are in the Werewolf rank, please do not use guild resources/funds that are set aside for that rank.  Those are there for guild raiders, for guild raids.  If you have issues with this, please speak to an officer/Guild Leader and we can move the relevant character(s) to the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank to avoid confusion.

Our standard raids are:

Wednesday: 9pm to 11.30pm Server Time (GMT+1)
Friday: 9.30pm to midnight Server Time (GMT+1)

We have no required number of raids you should attend, but we do ask that you treat events with respect - raids take a lot of time to set up and organise, so turning up late, leaving early or not turning up at all without prior warning is not acceptable.

If you wish to join a particular event, they are marked on the calendar in-game - we ask that you sign up in plenty of time and watch for event updates on our forums.

We require that all raid members install and join voice chat (Teamspeak) during a raid.  There is no requirement to speak, but you will need to be able to hear and understand us.  More information regarding our Teamspeak server is here.  You need to be logged in and be a guild member in order to access this page.

For more in-depth information, including loot rules, please read the full raiding rules.


Guild Rules

We expect everyone to be aware of the Guild Rules and their contents, and adhere to them.  If anyone has any questions regarding the guild rules, they should contact the Guild Leader or one of the officers for clarification/information.

The guild rules are generally a bulletpointed version of the above .. so the Guild Info should be read in conjunction for additional clarification.




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