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These are the shortened, more succinct version of how we expect guild members to behave (or not!) .. for clarification you can also read the Guild Info section which goes into greater detail.  We expect all guild members to be fully aware of the rules below, and also encourage everyone to read the Guild Info too.

If you've read both, and still have questions, please do ask!

  • Be nice!  It may sound obvious, but sometimes people seem to think that, because they can't SEE the person they're talking to, and they're in a computer game, that perhaps it doesn't matter how they treat others.  This is, of course, not the case .. every person you speak to has a real life, real problems, real challenges, and you shouldn't be one of them!

  • No begging.  Especially via whispers or direct to individuals.  This is construed as harrassment and can lead to your removal from the guild.  If you want help, ask in guild chat if someone can.  If you need advice .. ask in guild chat.  If you need items (potions, enchants, gems) - ask in guild chat if anyone can provide them, but always be prepared to pay/trade for them.  Sometimes people will give their time and their materials freely, but please do bear in mind that everything has a cost and it's unfair to expect someone else to foot your bill.

  • DEFINITELY no begging for gold.

  • REALLY DEFINITELY no begging or asking for loot drops, especially in guild raids.  We organise a donation system where people can donate unwanted loot if they wish during raids, for an open /roll amongst those who qualify for receipt of the loot.  Trying to circumvent that system will not be tolerated and may result in you being removed from the guild.  For more information see raiding rules.

  • No botting or account sharing.  Basically nothing against the Blizzard Terms of Use.

  • Public notes are for main/alt info only - public notes are used for guild admin.  Alts are welcome in the guild .. please ensure all your alts state your "main" character name (in the format "<main> alt").  Public notes are for no other information than that.  Do not add your real name, your spec, your ilevel or your foot size.  It will be deleted and persistent offenders may be removed from the guild.  Please see this guild info for more information regarding alts.

  • Inactivity: generally every member is "safe" being inactivate for up to one month.  If you know you're going to be away from the game for more than that, please let us know.  We can discuss whether or not you will be back, and if so, whether we should add a note to your characters to avoid them getting removed for inactivity, or if the MiA rank is more appropriate.

  • Returnees: If you aren't currently in the guild, but have been in the past, you must reapply using the application form.  Please state on your application that you were previously in the guild and, ideally, state the name of your "main" character that was in the guild previously.

  • Inviting new members: If you have the rank to invite new members to the guild, please note that the only times you should invite someone into the guild are:
    • If they're an alt of someone already in the guild.  Please ensure they give the name of their "main" (or an alt of their main) and check to make sure they are in the guild.  Ask them to update their public note (or ask an officer to do so) to reflect their "main" character name.
    • If they have an accepted application on our website. 

  • No stealing from the guild vault.  Stealing may well result not only in removal from the guild, but also a ban from returning.  The contents of the guild vault is there due to the donations of guild members, for the good of characters in the guild.  This means that:
    • You only withdraw what you need, for the character you are on at the time. 
    • You use the items you withdrawn, on the character you are on at the time.
    • You do not transfer the items you withdraw to another character who is not in Dark Wolves.
    • You do not withdraw items when you are intending to leave the guild.
    • You do not place items you've withdrawn onto the Auction House.
    • You do not vendor items you've withdrawn from the guild vault.

  • No "temporary deposits" in the guild vault.  Items placed in the guild vault are assumed to be donations to the guild.  Do not place items (or gold) in the guild vault and then later ask for them back.  The only exception to this is if you've accidentally deposited an item and cannot remove it .. in which case you must contact an officer or the Guild Leader as a matter of urgency.  We cannot refund you items if there is no record on the Vault log .. which often can be only hours old.

  • "Cliques" are not pack ... they lead to ... Drama.  Guild members are encouraged to run dungeons, raids, etc, together.  However, we expect people to continue the ethos of our "guild raid" organising, ie, "first come, first served".  Group content is an excellent way for members to get to know each other, to learn from each other, to teach each other - to become "pack".  There will always be someone who isn't quite as good at something as someone else, or someone who doesn't seem to get your jokes, or someone who gets lost ALL the time (*whistles casually*).  However, if you feel that you are too good for some members of the guild, you're in the wrong guild.  If you wish to do group activities with other guild members, please ask in guild chat for volunteers. Please do your best to accept offers on a "first come, first served" basis.  Do NOT contact people privately or via other channels.  This leads to "cliques" forming, which leads to unrest and drama.  Obviously, if you're already in a group with four other people and you want to run a dungeon, feel free to ask them, but if you need an extra, or you're starting up a new group, please ask in guild chat so as not to exclude others.  There is no point in being in the guild, if you're always going to only interact with a few other members. 

  • Complaints.  Inevitably .. occasionally someone will get annoyed at something or someone else.  Irrespective or what or who .. it is better to let us know and get it off your chest, than to let it fester.  Because, hey, guess what .. that leads to DRAMA!  So .. if you have a complaint, or a worry or concern .. just let us know.  Speak to the Guild Leader or one of the officers.  You may find that it's something we're already aware of and dealing with, or that we had no idea but is an easy fix.  Or we can work together to fix it. 

  • Drama .. don't do it.  Drama is annoying, boring and quite frankly involves far too much admin.  Don't do it, don't cause it, don't contribute to it.  If there is a problem .. let the officers/Guild Leader know as soon as possible, privately.  They will then deal with it.  Please don't do nothing about a problem .. small problems tend to have a habit of becoming large problems, and then, unsurprisingly, drama .. so we'd rather get them sorted sooner rather than later. 

  • Raiding:  If you're thinking about raiding with us, please check out the raiding rules and, almost more importantly, information about Guild Raiding.  If you have any problems or questions, please ask BEFORE signing up.








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