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Dark Wolves will, occasionally, run with a tank or healer rota, or both.  These only tend to be active when we have considerable competition for either of these roles, and try to ensure that everyone who wants to have the opportunity to raid in that role, gets to do so.

When the rota is NOT in play, the usual guild signup rule applies, which is "first come first served".  Essentially this means that people sign up, and are accepted based on WHEN they've signed up.  For a role where there is limited capacity, those who sign first get picked first.  Those who sign later are less likely to be accepted and will be placed on standby, from where they can either wait for a spot to open up (for example if someone drops out), or they can switch to another role that does have capacity.

When we have more competition for a particular role, this often degenerates into a rush to sign up first, which becomes unfair for those who do not know their work or general real life schedule so far an advance. It is also unfair on those who are being good team members, who will volunteer their spot to others simply to help out.  It also makes selection more difficult, as if multiple people sign up at the same time, it is a lot more difficult applying the "first come, first served" rule tongue-out

When a rota is in play, we will track how many raids someone has had in their preferred role.  We will then give priority for a raid spot in that role, to the person/people who have run less raids in their preferred role.  If there are multiple people on that same number of raids, then priority will be given to WHEN they signed up.  So for example, if two healers sign and have both healed in 5 raids each, then whichever healer signed first will get priority over the other.

In order to keep admin reasonable, and not leave everything to the last minute, when a rota is in effect, there will also be two "deadlines" in place for signups. 

We raid twice a week, currently - Wednesday and Friday.  Usually raids are added to the calendar during the week prior - we do try to ensure a raid is up a week in advance so, by the time we've finished a raid on Wednesday, the raid for Wednesday the following week is available on the calendar.  Sometimes this does not happen, but most times, it will.  Please ensure you keep an eye on our #guild-raids channel on Discord for news and updates.

When a rota is in place:

  • All of those who sign up to a raid, who are part of that rota, will be initially placed on Standby.
  • Those on the rota should attempt to sign up to a raid before the following deadlines:
    • For a Wednesday raid, you should sign up by the end of the Friday prior, in order to guarantee your spot if you're next on the rota
    • For a Friday raid, you should sign up by the end of the Sunday prior, in order to guarantee your spot if you're next on the rota
  • If you are unable to sign for any reason, by this deadline, but wish to raid, please speak to Poisonenvy/the raid organiser, and some leeway can be arranged.
  • For a Wednesday raid, raiders on a rota will start to be selected at any time from start of Saturday prior.
  • For a Friday raid, raiders on a rota will start to be selected at any time from the start of Monday prior.
  • Raiders will be selected as follows:
    • If their raid count on the rota is lower than all the others on the rota, they will be assigned a space on the raid in that role.
    • If their raid count on the rota is the same as others who have also signed up for the raid, they will be assigned a space in that role based on when they signed (ie, first come first served).
  • If a raider is assigned a space for the raid, they are assumed that they will take that space.  If they wish to raid in a different role, they should notify the raid organiser asap.  Their rota count will remain as if they had not been assigned the spot.
  • If a raider is assigned a space for the raid, but then either don't turn up, or have to cancel within one day of the raid, their raid rota count will remain as if they had attended the raid.
  • If a raider is placed on standby following selection for that role, then they have the choice of either attending in a different role, removing themselves from the event, or remaining on standby in case a space opens up (for example if someone drops out).
  • If you haven't signed by the deadline shown above, that does not mean you will not get a spot - simply that it is less likely if there is a lot of competition.  Once that deadline has passed, and the initial selections have been made, any additional signups will be treated as above, depending on other signups for that role.


If you have a character that you wish to raid with, that has multiple role options (for example, it could, in theory, tank or melee; melee or ranged; heal or tank, etc), then it should be on our raiders list, marked with your preferred raid role priority.  This is the list a raid organiser will refer to, if not sure of your preferred role, in order to assign a role, or if there is a shortage of a particular role and wants to check if anyone signed has a secondary spec they're happy playing, that would cover that role.

You can view the raider list here:

If you wish to change/add/remove a character on that list, please let Poisonenvy know by direct message on discord, or fill in the form:


The raid rotas currently in effect are below: 

Tanking Rota


Healing Rota

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