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When you begin leveling on the continent of Pandaria, at around level 85 - 86 you should reach the Valley of the Four Winds. During your time questing here you will slowly make your way to Halfhill, the main hub of the area. Halfhill is the center for all cooking and farming in Pandaria, so settle in because you'll be back here a lot during the expansion.

It is here in Halfhill that you will meet Farmer Yoon and the Tillers for the first time, and in doing so have the chance to work on your very own farm.
Once you start on the quest chain Learn and Grow, the small farm Sunsong Ranch will be phased so that you are the only player that can enter your particular farm, alowing you peace and quiet to toil as you see fit.

At the moment, you can start your farm and enjoy the initial quest line, all the way up to Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote, but after receiving your introduction to the Tillers Union you will have to part ways. As it currently stands you will have to wait untill level 90 before you can continue your farming career. You can still plant, grow, and harvest on your four initial starting spots, but any more will require significantly more reputation than you can acquire at level 85.

The quest chain: Learn and Grow.

The Tillers quest line starts when you visit Farmer Yoon in Halfhill. When you approach him you will immediatly see the sorry state of Sunsong Ranch.
Yoon's Grandpa has left him the farm, and as Yoon isn't much of a farmer he'll need your help to get things started.

You begin by accepting the quest A Helping Hand, and start to clear Sunsong Ranch, by using a pick to smash the loose rocks scattered around,
With the rocks broken, you approach Yoon again to show him your work. Just as you do, Haohan Mudclaw and his lackies walk up to the farm and start berating Yoon and his poor farming skills.
After the short confrontation Yoon turns to you, determined to prove them wrong, and asks for your help to become a master farmer.
The Family Farm. It is here that your partnership is forged and you begin to grow crops on the farm under Yoon's tutelage.

Learn and Grow I: Seeds
A short trip off to halfhill market and you're introduced to your seed vendor, Merchant Greenfield. The first seeds he will give you are his own special 'Ez-Gro' seeds. Take them back to Yoon and you can get down to planting.

Learn and Grow II: Tilling and Planting
Now you have your seeds Yoon will teach you how to till the first two patches of bare soil on his ranch. A simple case of righ clicking the mound of earth. Once tilled you can select the soil, and plant your Ez-Gro Green Cabbage Seeds.

Learn and Grow III: Tending Crops
As if by magic all planted seeds instantly turn into sprouting crops, due to the special soil in the valley. As you'll soon see though, the crops are parched and need watering. Yoon will give you his Rusty Watering Can allowing you to turn your Parched Cabbages into Growing Cabbages.

Learn and Grow IV: Harvesting
While talking to Yoon your Growing Cabbages immediatly turn into Ripe Cabbages. While this change would normally take 24 hours, the special EZ-Gro seeds from Greenfield make this one off set of crops grow extra fast.
Now it's time to harvest your first vegetables. Doing so gives you the achievement Green Acres and returns the soil back to untilled soil, ready for you to start over with new seeds.

Learn and Grow V: Halfhill Market
Whilst you only have 2 Cabbages, Farmer Yoon still thinks it would be a good idea to take them down to the market, and sell them to Gina Mudclaw.
Before you set off you're told to investgate the small patch of Dark Soil under the farm house, where you will find a Marsh Lily. Handily the perfect gift for Tina as you make your introduction.
Now that you've introduced yourself to Gina and given her a gift, you should find yourself at friendly reputation with her, allowing her to ask you for assistance in her own work.

Learn and Grow VI: Gina's Vote
Gina tells you how she has been supplying the chefs in the area with their ingredients to cook all their meals, but now she's run out of Scallions. The perfect oppertunity to put your new farm to work.
Walk over to Merchant Greenfield, and this time you'll see his whole inventory open for sale. A short browse and you should find the Scallion Seeds you're looking for. When you return to Sunsong Ranch you'll see you have four patches of untilled soil available, not just two.

Simply till the soil the way you did before, and they're ready for planting with your seeds.
While your planted scallion my be 'Parched' like the cabbages were before, there's also a chance they can require other tending before they're ready to grow.

Thankfully Farmer Yoon will tell you anything you need to do to get your crops nice and healthy and growing.

  • Bursting Crops - Instantly become harvestable the moment they're planted.
  • Parched Crops - Use the Rusty Watering Can to water them (found by the tree stump).
  • Infested Crops - Use the Bug Sprayer on the plants to clean them (found by the stairs).
  • Wiggling Crops - Pull out the Virmen from the ground and kill it.
  • Alluring Crops - Defend them from incoming birds.
  • Smothered Crops - Grab the weed smothering the crop and pull it out.
  • Wild Crops - Hit and bite the plant into submission while it wrestles you.
  • Runty Crops - Grab the plant and jump up to pull it out of the ground a little.
  • Tangled Crops - Grab the weed constricting the crop and run away, pulling it out of the ground.

If at any time you find you've planted the wrong crop, or planted it in the wrong place, you can pick up the shovel from the set of tools near by, and uproot your growing plant, destroying it but leaving it's space available for re-planting.

Now we do the hardest part of the quest line, waiting as our planted and tended crops grow over night.

Any growing crops you have planted will turn to harvestable crops at midnight (possibly 4am, may be a bug). So if you've stayed up late, or come back the next day, you'll be ready to continue with your farming.

Now that your plants have all grown up, you should have your first healthy crop of Scallion, ready to pick from your farm.
Simply yank up the vegetables, and carry them over to Gina Mudclaw to complete the final part of the Learn and Grow series.

. . . .           Hooray, you're officially a professional farmer           . . . .

Once you give Gina the Scallion, she will be very grateful that she can supply the Ironpaw chefs again. After the quest completion she will escort you back to your farm, to personally thank Yoon and yourself for all your hard work.

As a further reward for helping her, she will offer to cast her vote as a member of the Tillers Union, pledging to accept you as a member.
She will then walk over to the Tillers Shrine (which I'm sure you were all wondering what it did), and light an incense in one of the offering bowls in front of it, signifying her vote.
Now that Gina has activated the shrine, you have a handy new tool for tracking your reputation with the various farmers across The Heartland. It will also act as a new display, to show you how many of the five votes you have gained for entry into the Union.

Unfortunately if you're reading this while questing, it will be a little while before you can follow through with the rest of the guide.
For those of you at level 90 however, you have only just begun to skim the surface of the farming experience.

With your soil all planted and your crops growing, you can make a start on the Tiller daily quests, in order to raise your reputation with the faction.
As you complete more daily quests, your Tillers reputation will slowly increase allowing you access to more of the faction's rewards, such as new seeds and land expansions.



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