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    Current DKP - Default Pool

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    2020-02-219/25 (36%)9/31 (29%)

    Item History

    Item Date Raid Name Event
    [174158en]2020-02-12Ny'alothaCarapace of N'Zoth
    [Humming Black Dragonscale] 2020-01-29Ny'alothaWrathion
    [174162en]2020-01-29Ny'alothaShad'har the Insatiable
    [168604en]2019-10-23Eternal Palace HeroicOrgozoa
    [168886en]2019-10-23Eternal Palace HeroicThe Queen's Court
    [168352en]2019-10-09Eternal Palace HeroicOrgozoa
    [168273en]2019-10-09Eternal Palace HeroicCommander Sivara
    [168891en]2019-10-09Eternal Palace HeroicQueen Azshara
    [168383en]2019-09-11Eternal Palace HeroicBlackwater Behemoth
    [168384en]2019-08-28Eternal Palace HeroicCommander Sivara
    [168894en]2019-08-28Eternal Palace HeroicOrgozoa
    [168385en]2019-08-28Eternal Palace HeroicBlackwater Behemoth
    [168890en]2019-08-28Eternal Palace HeroicThe Queen's Court
    [168353en]2019-08-14Eternal Palace HeroicBlackwater Behemoth
    [168355en]2019-07-31Eternal PalaceRadiance of Azshara
    [168604en]2019-07-17Eternal PalaceOrgozoa
    [165567en]2019-06-05Dazar'alor HeroicKing Rastakhan
    [165537en]2019-06-05Dazar'alor HeroicKing Rastakhan
    [167839en]2019-05-15Crucible of StormsUu'nat, Harbinger of the Void
    [165565en]2019-04-10Dazar'alor HeroicJadefire Masters
    [165535en]2019-04-10Dazar'alor HeroicGrong
    [165531en]2019-04-10Dazar'alor HeroicJadefire Masters
    [165537en]2019-02-15Dazar'alorKing Rastakhan
    [165579en]2019-02-13Dazar'alorConclave of the Chosen
    [165533en]2019-01-30Darzar'alorChampions of the Light
    [165568en]2019-01-30Darzar'alorJadefire Masters
    [165531en]2019-01-23Darzar'alorTrash mob
    [165513en]2019-01-23Darzar'alorTrash mob
    [160652en]2019-01-02Uldir HeroicTaloc the Corrupted
    [160630en]2018-12-19Uldir HeroicZul, Reborn
    [160631en]2018-12-19Uldir HeroicTaloc the Corrupted
    [160645en]2018-11-07Uldir HeroicMOTHER
    [160716en]2018-11-07Uldir HeroicVectis
    [160642en]2018-11-07Uldir HeroicZul, Reborn
    [160648en]2018-11-07Uldir HeroicFetid Devourer
    [160678en]2018-11-07Uldir HeroicVectis
    [160643en]2018-10-10Uldir HeroicFetid Devourer
    [160632en]2018-09-28Uldir HeroicMOTHER
    [160648en]2018-09-28Uldir HeroicFetid Devourer
    [160643en]2018-09-28Uldir HeroicFetid Devourer
    [160716en]2018-09-26Uldir NormalVectis
    [Battalion-Shattering Leggings] 2018-06-20Antorus HeroicGarothi Worldbreaker
    [152049en]2018-06-20Antorus HeroicPortal Keeper Hasabel
    [Shadow-Singed Fang] 2018-06-20Antorus HeroicFelhounds of Sargeras
    [152130en]2018-05-09Antorus HeroicEonar, the Lifebinder
    [152004en]2018-05-09Antorus HeroicFelhounds of Sargeras
    [152134en]2018-05-09Antorus HeroicImonar the Soulhunter
    [152423en]2018-04-25Antorus HeroicArgus the Unmaker
    [Seal of the Portalmaster] 2018-04-25Antorus HeroicPortal Keeper Hasabel
    [152005en]2018-04-25Antorus HeroicArgus the Unmaker
    [151962en]2018-04-11Antorus HeroicGarothi Worldbreaker
    [152909en]2018-04-11Antorus HeroicAggramar
    [152025en]2018-03-28Antorus HeroicVarimathras
    [152004en]2018-03-28Antorus HeroicFelhounds of Sargeras
    [152007en]2018-03-28Antorus HeroicEonar, the Lifebinder
    [152132en]2018-03-07Antorus HeroicKin'garoth
    [152059en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicFelhounds of Sargeras
    [152131en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicAntoran High Command
    [152134en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicImonar the Soulhunter
    [151994en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicAntoran High Command
    [152050en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicImonar the Soulhunter
    [151997en]2018-02-28Antorus HeroicVarimathras
    [152064en]2018-02-07Antorus HeroicKin'garoth
    [151997en]2018-02-07Antorus HeroicVarimathras
    [Loop of the Life-Binder] 2018-01-17Antorus HeroicEonar, the Lifebinder
    [152004en]2018-01-10Antorus HeroicFelhounds of Sargeras
    [151995en]2018-01-10Antorus HeroicVarimathras
    [152295en]2018-01-10Antorus HeroicAntoran High Command
    [152001en]2018-01-03Antorus HeroicPortal Keeper Hasabel
    [152134en]2018-01-03Antorus HeroicImonar the Soulhunter
    [152295en]2018-01-03Antorus HeroicAntoran High Command
    [152132en]2018-01-03Antorus HeroicKin'garoth
    [152008en]2017-12-27Antorus HeroicPortal Keeper Hasabel
    [151969en]2017-12-27Antorus HeroicAntoran High Command
    [Flesh-Raking Leggings] 2017-08-16Tomb of Sargeras HeroicDemonic Inquisition
    [Icon of Perverse Animation] 2017-08-16Tomb of Sargeras HeroicGoroth
    [Insulated Finpads] 2017-08-16Tomb of Sargeras HeroicHarjatan
    [Pain-Singed Armguards] 2017-08-04ToS NormalGoroth
    [Pungent Chum] 2017-08-04ToS NormalMistress Sassz'ine
    [Cradle of Anguish] 2017-08-04ToS NormalDemonic Inquisition
    [Pauldrons of the Gibbering Eye] 2017-08-02Tomb of Sargeras HeroicDemonic Inquisition
    [147141en]2017-08-02Tomb of Sargeras HeroicHarjatan
    [String of Extracted Incisors] 2017-07-21Tomb of SargerasDemonic Inquisition
    [Cloak of Stifling Brimstone] 2017-07-21Tomb of SargerasGoroth
    [Gauntlets of Spiteful Haunting] 2017-07-21Tomb of SargerasThe Desolate Host
    [Flesh-Raking Leggings] 2017-07-19ToS HeroicDemonic Inquisition
    [147141en]2017-07-19ToS HeroicHarjatan
    [Hauberk of Frozen Mist] 2017-07-19ToS HeroicHarjatan
    [Inexorable Truth Serum] 2017-07-05Tomb of SargerasDemonic Inquisition
    [147140en]2017-07-05Tomb of SargerasThe Desolate Host
    [Gauntlets of Spiteful Haunting] 2017-07-05Tomb of SargerasThe Desolate Host
    [147144en]2017-07-05Tomb of SargerasFallen Avatar
    [Cloak of Stifling Brimstone] 2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasGoroth
    [Flawless Hurricane Pearl] 2017-06-21Tomb of SargerasMistress Sassz'ine
    [Pertinacious Legplates] 2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [Pauldrons of Warped Memory] 2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138339en]2017-06-07The Nighthold HeroicKrosus
    [138344en]2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicGul'dan
    [Arcana Crux] 2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicSpellblade Aluriel
    [Convergence of Fates] 2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [Beleron's Choker of Misery] 2017-05-31The Nighthold HeroicKrosus
    [Soggy Manascrubber Brush] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [Nightblooming Frond] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicHigh Botanist Tel'arn
    [Fashionable Autumn Cloak] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicTrash mob
    [Spellblade's Gemmed Signet] 2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicSpellblade Aluriel
    [138347en]2017-05-10The Nighthold HeroicTichondrius
    [Icon of Rot] 2017-04-19The Nighthold HeroicTichondrius
    [Convergence of Fates] 2017-04-19The Nighthold HeroicGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [Belt of Celestial Alignment] 2017-04-19The Nighthold HeroicGrand Magistrix Elisande
    [Vintage Duskwatch Cinch] 2017-04-19The Nighthold HeroicTrash mob
    [Infused Chitin Fragment] 2017-03-29The Nighthold HeroicSkorpyron
    [Zealous Timestone Pendant] 2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [124124en]2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicTrash mob
    [Hood of Fading Opportunity] 2017-03-15The Nighthold HeroicChronomatic Anomaly
    [138368en]2017-03-08The Nighthold HeroicTrilliax
    [138340en]2017-03-01The NightholdStar Augur Etraeus
    [Beleron's Choker of Misery] 2017-03-01The NightholdKrosus
    [140900en]2017-02-01The NightholdStar Augur Etraeus
    [Astromancer's Greatcloak] 2017-02-01The NightholdStar Augur Etraeus
    [Ring of Exclusive Servitude] 2017-01-25The NightholdTichondrius
    [Pertinacious Legplates] 2017-01-18The NightholdTrilliax
    [Soggy Manascrubber Brush] 2017-01-18The NightholdTrilliax
    [Drape of the Forgotten Souls] 2017-01-04Trial of Valor (Heroic)Odyn
    [Sea Fan Pendant] 2016-12-21Trial of Valor (Normal)Helya
    [142514en]2016-12-21Trial of Valor (Normal)Odyn
    [142521en]2016-12-09Trial of Valor (Normal)Helya
    [Disjointed Linkage Leggings] 2016-12-07Emerald Nightmare HeroicXavius
    [Malignant Sabatons] 2016-11-30Emerald Nightmare HeroicDragons of Nightmare
    [Singular Chain Leggings] 2016-11-30Emerald Nightmare HeroicIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Reverberating Femur] 2016-11-30Emerald Nightmare HeroicUrsoc
    [Gauntlets of Malevolent Intent] 2016-11-23Emerald Nightmare HeroicIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Greyed Dragonscale Coif] 2016-11-23Emerald Nightmare HeroicNythendra
    [Tuft of Ironfur] 2016-11-23Emerald Nightmare HeroicUrsoc
    [Mindrend Band] 2016-11-02Emerald Nightmare HeroicDragons of Nightmare
    [Grubby Silver Ring] 2016-11-02Emerald Nightmare HeroicNythendra
    [136903en]2016-10-28Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [Laughing Sister's Pouch-Chain] 2016-10-28Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [Mindrend Band] 2016-10-28Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [Blessing of Cenarius] 2016-10-28Emerald NightmareCenarius
    [Creeping String of Larva] 2016-10-26Emerald Nightmare HeroicNythendra
    [Bioluminescent Mushroom] 2016-10-12Emerald NightmareDragons of Nightmare
    [Sephuz's Secret] 2016-10-12Emerald NightmareIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Pendant of Liquid Horror] 2016-09-28Emerald NightmareElerethe Renferal
    [Scored Ironclaw Sabatons] 2016-09-28Emerald NightmareUrsoc
    [Cursed Beartooth Necklace] 2016-09-28Emerald NightmareUrsoc
    [Gauntlets of Malevolent Intent] 2016-09-28Emerald NightmareIl'gynoth, Heart of Corruption
    [Faulty Detonator Cord] 2016-05-25Hellfire Citadel HeroicHellfire Assault
    [Felfire Munitions Launcher] 2016-04-20Hellfire Citadel HeroicHellfire Assault
    [Die-Cast Ringmail Sabatons] 2016-04-13Hellfire Citadel HeroicIron Reaver
    [Mirror of the Blademaster] 2016-04-13Hellfire Citadel HeroicHellfire High Council
    [Hood of the Savage Hunt] 2016-04-13Hellfire Citadel HeroicKormrok
    [Leggings of the Savage Hunt] 2016-04-13Hellfire Citadel HeroicGorefiend
    [Fel-Spring Coil] 2016-03-30Hellfire Citadel HeroicIron Reaver
    [Rugged Stoneshaped Pauldrons] 2016-03-30Hellfire Citadel HeroicKormrok
    [Torch-Brazed Waistguard] 2016-03-16Hellfire Citadel HeroicIron Reaver
    [Pit-Extracted Stone Signet] 2016-03-16Hellfire Citadel HeroicKormrok
    [Felfire Munitions Launcher] 2016-03-02Hellfire CitadelHellfire Assault
    [Jungle Flayer's Chestguard] 2016-01-20Hellfire CitadelKilrogg Deadeye
    [Hand Loader Gauntlets] 2016-01-20Hellfire CitadelHellfire Assault
    [Mirror of the Blademaster] 2015-12-30Hellfire CitadelHellfire High Council
    [Rugged Stoneshaped Pauldrons] 2015-12-16Hellfire CitadelKormrok
    [Rugged Stoneshaped Pauldrons] 2015-09-23Hellfire CitadelKormrok
    [Torch-Brazed Waistguard] 2015-09-16Hellfire CitadelIron Reaver
    [Hood of the Savage Hunt] 2015-08-26Hellfire CitadelKormrok
    [Hood of the Savage Hunt] 2015-08-26Hellfire CitadelKormrok
    [Rugged Stoneshaped Pauldrons] 2015-08-12Hellfire CitadelKormrok
    [Die-Cast Ringmail Sabatons] 2015-07-15Hellfire CitadelIron Reaver
    [Fel-Spring Coil] 2015-07-15Hellfire CitadelIron Reaver
    [Chestguard of Unending Roars] 2015-05-27Blackrock FoundryHans'gar and Franzok
    [Neckbreaker Shoulderguards] 2015-05-27Blackrock FoundryHans'gar and Franzok
    [Legguards of the Stampede] 2015-05-20Blackrock FoundryBeastlord Darmac
    [Darklight Necklace] 2015-03-25Blackrock FoundryGruul
    [Flenser's Hookring] 2015-03-13Highmaul (Normal)The Butcher
    [Grips of Vicious Mauling] 2015-02-27Highmaul N & HCKargath Bladefist
    [Belt of Imminent Lies] 2015-02-27Highmaul N & HCTwin Ogron
    [Cloak of Creeping Necrosis] 2015-02-27Highmaul N & HCBrackenspore
    [Moss-Woven Mailshirt] 2015-01-14Highmaul (Normal)Brackenspore
    [Grips of Vicious Mauling] 2015-01-14Highmaul (Normal)Kargath Bladefist
    [Bracers of the Crying Chorus] 2015-01-14Highmaul (Normal)Twin Ogron
    [Milenah's Intricate Cloak] 2014-12-03Highmaul (Normal)Trash mob
    [Death Lotus Crossbow] 2013-11-20Siege of OrgrimmarThe Fallen Protectors
    [Puddle Punishers] 2013-11-06Siege of OrgrimmarImmerseus
    [Horrifying Horn Arbalest] 2012-08-01Dragon SoulWarlord Zon'ozz
    [Chest of the Corrupted Protector] 2012-08-01Dragon SoulUltraxion
    [Helm of the Forlorn Protector] 2011-08-20Blackwing DescentNefarian
    [Necklace of Strife] 2011-08-15Bastion of TwilightValiona and Theralion
    [Prestor's Talisman of Machination] 2011-08-03Blackwing Descent & Baradin HoldNefarian
    [Ruthless Gladiator's Chain Leggings] 2011-08-03Blackwing Descent & Baradin HoldOccu'thar

    Raid History

    Raid Name Raid Date
    Eternal Palace Heroic2019-10-23
    Eternal Palace Heroic2019-10-09
    Eternal Palace Heroic2019-09-11
    Eternal Palace Heroic2019-08-28
    Eternal Palace Heroic2019-08-14
    Eternal Palace N & H2019-08-02
    Eternal Palace2019-07-31
    Eternal Palace2019-07-17
    Dazar'alor Heroic2019-06-05
    Crucible of Storms2019-05-15
    Dazar'alor Heroic2019-04-24
    Dazar'alor Heroic2019-04-10
    Dazar'alor Heroic2019-03-27
    Dazar'alor Heroic2019-03-13
    Uldir Heroic2019-01-16
    Uldir Heroic2019-01-02
    Uldir Heroic2018-12-19
    Uldir Heroic2018-11-07
    Uldir Heroic2018-10-10
    Uldir Heroic2018-09-28
    Uldir Normal2018-09-26
    Antorus Heroic2018-06-20
    Antorus Heroic2018-05-09
    Antorus Heroic2018-04-25
    Antorus Heroic2018-04-11
    Antorus Heroic2018-03-28
    Antorus Heroic2018-03-07
    Antorus Heroic2018-02-28
    Antorus Heroic2018-02-07
    Antorus Heroic2018-01-31
    Antorus Heroic2018-01-17
    Antorus Heroic2018-01-10
    Antorus Heroic2018-01-03
    Antorus Heroic2017-12-27
    ToS Mythic2017-10-25
    Tomb of Sargeras Heroic2017-10-11
    Tomb of Sargeras Heroic2017-09-27
    Tomb of Sargeras Heroic2017-08-30
    Tomb of Sargeras Heroic2017-08-16
    ToS Normal2017-08-04
    Tomb of Sargeras Heroic2017-08-02
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-07-21
    ToS Heroic2017-07-19
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-07-05
    Tomb of Sargeras2017-06-21
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-06-07
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-31
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-05-10
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-04-26
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-04-19
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-29
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-15
    The Nighthold Heroic2017-03-08
    The Nighthold2017-03-01
    The Nighthold2017-02-15
    The Nighthold2017-02-01
    The Nighthold2017-01-25
    The Nighthold2017-01-18
    Trial of Valor (Heroic)2017-01-04
    Trial of Valor (Heroic)2016-12-28
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-12-21
    Trial of Valor (Normal)2016-12-09
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-12-07
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-30
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-23
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-11-02
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-28
    Emerald Nightmare Heroic2016-10-26
    Emerald Nightmare2016-10-12
    Emerald Nightmare2016-09-28
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-05-25
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-04-20
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-04-13
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-03-30
    Hellfire Citadel Heroic2016-03-16
    Hellfire Citadel2016-03-02
    Hellfire Citadel2016-02-17
    Hellfire Citadel2016-02-03
    Hellfire Citadel2016-01-27
    Hellfire Citadel2016-01-22
    Hellfire Citadel2016-01-20
    Hellfire Citadel2016-01-06
    Hellfire Citadel2015-12-30
    Hellfire Citadel2015-12-23
    Hellfire Citadel2015-12-16
    Hellfire Citadel2015-12-11
    Hellfire Citadel2015-12-09
    Hellfire Citadel2015-10-14
    Hellfire Citadel2015-10-02
    Hellfire Citadel2015-09-30
    Hellfire Citadel2015-09-23
    Hellfire Citadel2015-09-16
    Hellfire Citadel2015-08-26
    Hellfire Citadel2015-08-26
    Hellfire Citadel2015-08-19
    Hellfire Citadel2015-08-12
    Hellfire Citadel2015-07-15
    Blackrock Foundry2015-06-03
    Blackrock Foundry2015-05-27
    Blackrock Foundry2015-05-20
    Blackrock Foundry2015-05-06
    Blackrock Foundry2015-04-22
    Blackrock Foundry2015-04-08
    Blackrock Foundry2015-03-25
    Highmaul (Normal)2015-03-13
    Blackrock Foundry2015-03-04
    Highmaul N & HC2015-02-27
    Highmaul (Normal) test2015-01-28
    Highmaul (Normal)2015-01-28
    Highmaul (Normal)2015-01-14
    Highmaul (Normal)2015-01-07
    Highmaul (Normal)2014-12-03
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-06-18
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-06-04
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-05-21
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-05-07
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-04-02
    Siege of Orgrimmar2014-03-26
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-11-27
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-11-19
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-11-13
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-11-06
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-10-16
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-10-09
    Siege of Orgrimmar2013-09-18
    Throne of Thunder2013-07-03
    Throne of Thunder2013-06-19
    Heart of Fear2013-05-08
    Heart of Fear2013-04-24
    Mogu'shan Vaults2013-04-12
    Mogu'shan Vaults2013-03-27
    Mogu'shan Vaults2013-02-13
    Heart of Fear & Mogu'shan Vaults2013-01-16
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-12-20
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-12-19
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-12-06
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-12-05
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-11-21
    Mogu'shan Vaults2012-11-07
    Dragon Soul2012-08-01
    Firelands & Baradin Hold2011-11-16
    Bastion of Twilight2011-09-02
    Bastion of Twilight2011-08-31
    Bastion of Twilight2011-08-24
    Blackwing Descent2011-08-20
    Bastion of Twilight2011-08-18
    Bastion of Twilight2011-08-15
    Blackwing Descent & Baradin Hold2011-08-03
    Blackwing Decent, Baradin Hold & Firelands Trash2011-06-30
    Bastion of Twilight2011-06-24
    Blackwing Descent2011-06-09
    Baradin Hold & Blackwing Descent2011-06-01
    Baradin Hold & Blackwing Descent2011-05-25
    Baradin Hold & Blackwing Descent2011-05-05
    Blackwing Descent2011-04-30
    Baradin Hold & Blackwing Descent2011-04-14
    Blackwing Descent2011-04-08
    Baradin Hold2011-04-07
    Baradin Hold2011-02-16

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    Attendance By Event

    Event Name Percentage
    Aggramar 0/0 (0%)
    Antoran High Command 0/0 (0%)
    Archimonde 0/0 (0%)
    Argaloth 0/0 (0%)
    Argus the Unmaker 0/0 (0%)
    Ascendant Council 0/0 (0%)
    Atramedes 0/0 (0%)
    Beastlord Darmac 0/0 (0%)
    Blackwater Behemoth 0/0 (0%)
    Blade Lord Ta'yak 0/0 (0%)
    Brackenspore 0/0 (0%)
    Carapace of N'Zoth 0/0 (0%)
    Cenarius 0/0 (0%)
    Champions of the Light 0/0 (0%)
    Chimaeron 0/0 (0%)
    Cho'gall 0/0 (0%)
    Chronomatic Anomaly 0/0 (0%)
    Commander Sivara 0/0 (0%)
    Conclave of the Chosen 0/0 (0%)
    Dark Inquisitor Xanesh 0/0 (0%)
    Demonic Inquisition 0/0 (0%)
    Dragons of Nightmare 0/0 (0%)
    Elerethe Renferal 0/0 (0%)
    Eonar, the Lifebinder 0/0 (0%)
    Fallen Avatar 0/0 (0%)
    Fallen Protectors 0/0 (0%)
    Felhounds of Sargeras 0/0 (0%)
    Feng the Accursed 0/0 (0%)
    Fetid Devourer 0/0 (0%)
    Flamebender Ka'graz 0/0 (0%)
    G'huun 0/0 (0%)
    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder 0/0 (0%)
    Garothi Worldbreaker 0/0 (0%)
    General Nazgrim 0/0 (0%)
    Gorefiend 0/0 (0%)
    Goroth 0/0 (0%)
    Grand Magistrix Elisande 0/0 (0%)
    Grong 0/0 (0%)
    Gruul 0/0 (0%)
    Guarm 0/0 (0%)
    Gul'dan 0/0 (0%)
    Hagara the Stormbinder 0/0 (0%)
    Halfus Wyrmbreaker 0/0 (0%)
    Halfus Wyrmbreaker Boss Kill 0/0 (0%)
    Hans'gar and Franzok 0/0 (0%)
    Harjatan 0/0 (0%)
    Hellfire Assault 0/0 (0%)
    Hellfire High Council 0/0 (0%)
    Hellfire High Council 0/0 (0%)
    Helya 0/0 (0%)
    High Botanist Tel'arn 0/0 (0%)
    High Tinker Mekkatorque 0/0 (0%)
    Il'gynoth, Heart of Corruption 0/0 (0%)
    Immerseus 0/0 (0%)
    Imonar the Soulhunter 0/0 (0%)
    Imperial Vizier Zor'lok 0/0 (0%)
    Iron Juggernaut 0/0 (0%)
    Iron Reaver 0/0 (0%)
    Jadefire Masters 0/0 (0%)
    Jin'rokh the Breaker 0/0 (0%)
    Kargath Bladefist 0/0 (0%)
    Kil'jaeden 0/0 (0%)
    Kilrogg Deadeye 0/0 (0%)
    Kin'garoth 0/0 (0%)
    King Rastakhan 0/0 (0%)
    Ko'ragh 0/0 (0%)
    Kor'kron Dark Shaman 0/0 (0%)
    Kormrok 0/0 (0%)
    Krosus 0/0 (0%)
    Lady Ashvane 0/0 (0%)
    Magmaw 0/0 (0%)
    Maiden of Vigilance 0/0 (0%)
    Malkorok 0/0 (0%)
    Maloriak 0/0 (0%)
    Mannoroth 0/0 (0%)
    Maut 0/0 (0%)
    Mistress Sassz'ine 0/0 (0%)
    Morchok 0/0 (0%)
    MOTHER 0/0 (0%)
    Mythrax the Unraveler 0/0 (0%)
    Nefarian 0/0 (0%)
    Norushen 0/0 (0%)
    Nythendra 0/0 (0%)
    Occu'thar 0/0 (0%)
    Odyn 0/0 (0%)
    Omnotron Defense System 0/0 (0%)
    Opulence 0/0 (0%)
    Oregorger 0/0 (0%)
    Orgozoa 0/0 (0%)
    Portal Keeper Hasabel 0/0 (0%)
    Queen Azshara 0/0 (0%)
    Radiance of Azshara 0/0 (0%)
    Restless Cabal 0/0 (0%)
    Sha of Pride 0/0 (0%)
    Shad'har the Insatiable 0/0 (0%)
    Shannox 0/0 (0%)
    Sisters of the Moon 0/0 (0%)
    Skorpyron 0/0 (0%)
    Socrethar the Eternal 0/0 (0%)
    Spellblade Aluriel 0/0 (0%)
    Star Augur Etraeus 0/0 (0%)
    Taloc the Corrupted 0/0 (0%)
    Tectus 0/0 (0%)
    The Butcher 0/0 (0%)
    The Desolate Host 0/0 (0%)
    The Fallen Protectors 0/0 (0%)
    The Hivemind 0/0 (0%)
    The Queen's Court 0/0 (0%)
    The Spirit Kings 0/0 (0%)
    The Stone Guard 0/0 (0%)
    Tichondrius 0/0 (0%)
    Trash mob 0/0 (0%)
    Trilliax 0/0 (0%)
    Twin Ogron 0/0 (0%)
    Ultraxion 0/0 (0%)
    Ursoc 0/0 (0%)
    Uu'nat, Harbinger of the Void 0/0 (0%)
    Valiona and Theralion 0/0 (0%)
    Varimathras 0/0 (0%)
    Vectis 0/0 (0%)
    Warlord Zon'ozz 0/0 (0%)
    Wipe 0/0 (0%)
    Wrathion 0/0 (0%)
    Xavius 0/0 (0%)
    Xhul'horac 0/0 (0%)
    Yor'sahj the Unsleeping 0/0 (0%)
    Za'qul 0/0 (0%)
    Zek'voz, Herald of N'zoth 0/0 (0%)
    Zul, Reborn 0/0 (0%)

    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em