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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 3 days ago

The following roster updates have been made today:

From Pup to Cub

Baultr, Bigparfyme, Bigtankrem, Elerae, Fellegre, Filauria, Frenhana, Frenora, Hardoxnai, Healchick, Hehaeli, Icecream, Kisaki, Kodobatchoop, Kododonut, McDagger, Nixrid, Pilmediel, Rainzs, Ripers, Rodelem, Shammeister

From Cub to Juvenile

Apiaza, Bigdorull, Callmemomma, Feyatha, Ironfury, Kalafrak, Malcobo, Narishka, Sarcator, Sevathar, Sjougla, Solarpanel, Sorche, Vem, Vilkav, Vistraj, Viven, Wardoo, Xiuxiu

From Juvenile to Wolf
(alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Daenarian, Grhymique, Jandor, Laronia, Pamax, Prismara, Qourim, Shanvar

From Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf

Ravencult, Zacapi, Eruvande, Mhuu, Ozza





For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild rules.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If anyone regularly raids and was already (prior to today) at the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank, please let me know.  Anyone who regularly raids and who has been promoted today to the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank will then be reviewed at the next set of promotions.


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Two new bosses!

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago

Excellent work tonight everyone.  These last bosses, unsurprisingly, are a little harder, and are actually making us work for it :p  Regardless, they were fun fights and actually more fun because we had to actually think a bit about the tactics ... also there was lots of guitar hero and jumping down wells and pretty lifts and spaceships .. what's not to like?!

Some screenshots of the night:


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SIX bosses down on our first night!

by Poisonenvy, 8 days ago


Well what an awesome first night!  With a full raid team we went in and cleared the first 6 bosses with nary a whimper.  Well okay .. there was the occasional quiet cry of "I'm lost .. where are you" and the odd "oops" - and I think at one point somehow Gus managed to turn himself evil and, of course, we killed him.  Ahem.

But generally it was a great night .. so here are some screenshots:


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Patch 7.2.5 and what it means

by Poisonenvy, 16 days ago

The new patch is coming tomorrow and it will be live as soon as maintenance is over. Blizzard Watch have posted the following information:

It’s quite a large patch for being an extension of 7.2. Notable changes are another great round of class balancing (including item and tier set changes), new events such as Black Temple Timewalking, and Mythic+ restructuring. You have a week to test out your class changes before Tomb of Sargeras opens next Tuesday.

Check out the full patch notes here, or keep reading for the highlights.

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New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 20 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. we got a new boss down!

Along with that, we also got personal achievements:

And we remembered to take a group photo:



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Start earning your class mount ...

by Poisonenvy, 27 days ago

Blizzard Watch posted this recently, reminding us we can soon start working towards our class mounts:

It’s a little hard to believe that the first time we heard about class mounts was more than half a year ago at BlizzCon, but the time has finally come to claim them as our own. Starting this TuesdayWednesday ;-), class mounts quests will start appearing in your Order Hall. Once unlocked, they’ll become available not only for your character, but any low-level alts you have of the same class.

Of course, completing the mount quests(s) will require you to have completed a few things first. Wowhead has a full rundown, but the short version is, complete everything on the Broken Shore and have completed unlocked your 52nd trait, Concordance of the Legionfall. Update: The Concordance trait is not needed for the mount quest itself, but some classes do need it to unlock different variations as well as class-specific toys and pets. And while that final trait does require an immense half-a-billion Artifact Power to earn, players who have kept up on the research orders will soon be approaching the new Artifact Knowledge cap of 40.

In addition to the mounts, pet collectors will want to note that there are a few class-specific pets tied to the Monk and Death Knight classes. These will become available at the same time as the mounts — of course, this also means pet collectors without these classes at 52 Artifact traits will be left out in the cold.


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New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 27 days ago

Mahooosive congratulations guys .. we got a Mythic boss down!

Which also gained those there an achievement:

Well done everyone!

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