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Ahead of the Curve

by Poisonenvy, 26 days ago

Massive congratulations to everyone there tonight, and thanks to everyone who has contributed - we got Ahead of the Curve!  Finally downed N'zoth Heroic and got an achievement and new mount for the effort:


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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 46 days ago

The following roster updates have been made today:

Promoted from Pup to Cub:

Abouttodie, Amarisa, Amy, Arcaydis, Astreya, Avardassian, Babypaws, Banuhi, Barknight, Bearlycursed, Bearlyfrosty, Bearlyhealin, Bearlyhuntin, Bearlyshaman, Bearlytankin, Bearlywar, Blackie, Bob, Brbsmoke, Crunchalots, Delanai, Delphic, Detwo, Eladith, Elyviel, Elyy, Frey, Gallone, Hallalujah, Hybernate, Keara, Kennit, Kir, Kirdan, Lexxudor, Lottick, Luknobra, Masochist, Misselyviel, Misselyviel, Misslack, Mortis, Moulix, Mouxie, Nadir, Nearlythere, Nariel, Petrefax, Picolixy, Rezdierepeat, Rigori, Rodelem, Rohjan, Roksan, Rudbecka, Sherry, Slackington, Softwinter, Sorche, Staticblade, Temur, Valkyrie, Verrulli, Wardus, Woody, Xephyra, Ziamara

Promoted from Cub to Juvenile:

Bullmorte, Cruncho, Gram, Hatter, Karananga, Knurt, Narishka, Nuzz, Picolix

Promoted from Juvenile to Wolf:
(all alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Bowner, Reemi, Zaner

Promoted from Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf:

Daenamia, Kallypsa, Laronash, Vampiro

For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild info.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If you are a regular raider (ie, you raid as and when you can, at least once or twice a month, and are an active guild member) and you're in the Wolf or Wolf Alt rank (prior to today), then please let me know and I'll check to see if you can be moved to the Werewolf rank.  Remember .. Werewolf is on a "per character" basis and resets every expansion.

If you have ANY character in the Werewolf, Wolf or Wolf Alt rank, and have alts invited into the guild, please remind an officer to promote your new character to the Wolf Alt rank.  Once you have reached the "Wolf" rank, all additional characters should automatically be given the Wolf Alt rank.  (and when I say "automatically" .. I mean we still have to do it manually, but it's not something your new character has to work for ).  If you do not have a character at the Wolf/Wolf Alt/Werewolf rank, then any alts invited into the guild should join as a Pup.

Long term inactives run the risk of removal shortly.



"Inactives" are those who have not been online for a substantial period of time - 6+ months.  Characters linked to others in the guild roster using the "Alt" public note are all checked to ensure that all characters have been inactive for some time. 

Since the changes to the way the roster and permissions work, it is much more difficult to ensure characters are correctly linked.  Whereas previously anyone with invite rights were able to adjust your public roster note in order to add your "main" when you had an alt invited, this is now not possible.  The only people able to amend your public note now are you, when you're on that character, or an officer. 

Characters that have nothing in their public notes linking them to other characters are much more likely to be removed for inactivity (as all linked characters are checked for activity prior to removal for inactivity). 

Please also do not add anything in the public note section of your alts, other than the "main" character name.  You may, if you wish, add your real name/nickname against your "main" - but no other information.  Gear scores, roles, professions, etc .. all often change and should not be included.  See the Guild Rules for additional information.

Anyone completely removed from the guild roster, who then wishes to rejoin the guild, are welcome to complete a new application form, where they are advised to mention they were a previous guild member.

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Big Progression Night ...

by Poisonenvy, 54 days ago

Wow what a brilliant night everyone .. we got three more bosses down, taking us to 11/12 bosses done!

We had lots of laughs, revelations and perhaps images we'd rather not have in our heads - and even one shotted one of the bosses, which I think surprised us all!

Only the Curve boss left ...





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New boss down!

by Poisonenvy, 56 days ago

Excellent job tonight guys.  Despite spending most of our evening running around like headless chickens, running from each other, running after each other, and unintentionally killing each other .. we finally got the boss too!  Fun night - thank you everyone!



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Shadowlands Alpha

by Poisonenvy, 58 days ago

Blizzard have announced that the next Expansion, Shadowlands, is almost ready to be rolled out for testing .. initially in an "alpha" with mainly friends & family, content creators and a few select long-term WoW players, expanding that tester pool as time goes on:

It’s been five months since we first revealed our World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion at BlizzCon 2019. The whole team has been hard at work transforming the vision we laid out last November into a reality, and we can’t wait to share our progress with all of you.

Later this week, we will send out our first round of invitations to a closed alpha test for Shadowlands.

This first batch of invitations will mainly go out to long-time WoW players with active accounts in good standing, as well as Blizzard friends and family, along with a limited number of content creators and journalists. This initial wave represents only a small fraction of the pool of testers that will ultimately gain access to the test in the coming months—if you’re interested in helping make Shadowlands better, sign up using the Beta Opt-In link on the Shadowlands home page. Later on, as we engage in focused PvP and raid testing, we’ll also do some targeted invite waves that prioritize players with extensive experience or expertise in those parts of the game.

When the alpha servers go live, we will have the full level-up experience in the zone of Bastion available, along with its accompanying dungeon, the Necrotic Wake. Testers who are interested in checking out our revamped new player experience can play through the Alliance version of the new zone and tutorials. We’ll aim to roll out new content on a regular basis throughout the test cycle—later in April we hope to offer the zone of Revendreth, as well as a look at Torghast, Tower of the Damned, our endless dungeon experience. We will continue to unlock content such as zones, dungeons, and endgame questlines when they’re ready for feedback, using template characters as needed to focus testing and feedback on specific parts of the game. Once everything has been released into the test environment, we’ll officially move into a beta phase, wiping all characters and kicking off a larger round of invites for an end-to-end test of the entire Shadowlands experience.

While content will be rolled out methodically over the course of the alpha, many of our underlying systems changes will be apparent from the moment players first log in later this week, and there will be hints of others that are still in progress. A few examples:

  • Players of all 12 classes will immediately see changes in their Spellbooks, Talents, and in some cases even their resources. We’ll have a separate blog coming out in the coming days discussing how we applied the class design philosophies we laid out at BlizzCon 2019 and giving key examples of the sorts of changes to expect for each class and their specializations. Unlike the last couple of expansion alphas, where the conversation with the community often began with us saying “Let us know which spells you miss most…” this time around we’re eager to hear whether we’ve gone too far with “unpruning.” Maybe a bunch of folks actually really hated Eyes of the Beast all along—who knows?
  • We have been making improvements to our quest interface, with an eye toward better distinguishing major quests that are required to advance the narrative from optional side quests that tell more localized stories. Our work-in-progress 3D indicator of tracked quest objective locations will be available to use, which aims to reduce the need to bring up the map when navigating the world and help more clearly identify when an objective is above or below you. We’re also rolling out a system that allows players to set a personal waypoint on the map as well as share that pin in chat channels, so that you should no longer need an add-on to convey exactly where Rustfeather just spawned.
  • Also of note are some changes to PvP currencies—notably, Conquest is once again a spendable currency earned through Shadowlands Rated PvP. Players will be able to use Conquest points to purchase specific items of their choice from a vendor in the capital city of Oribos (in an easy-to-find location, naturally). Conquest can also be used to upgrade that gear further (similar to how Benthic gear worked with Manapearls in Rise of Azshara). We’ll have lots more information to share on the details of this system, as well as our broader endgame itemization plans, as the alpha rolls on and we reach max-level content.

As our community and fansites dig into the game files that are packaged with the client in the coming days, you’ll also doubtless find bits and pieces of data relating to endgame systems like Soulbinds, Covenant Sanctums, and crafted legendary items. Much of those features remain a work-in-progress and, especially in an alpha setting, the game’s data contains numerous experiments and discarded ideas, so please take what you might find via datamining with a grain of salt. We remain guided by the core philosophies that we articulated at BlizzCon: player agency and empowering choices. We can’t wait to share details of these systems with you as soon as we’re able—one of our main lessons learned from past expansions is the vital importance of carving out a large window in our alpha and beta for feedback and iteration on these endgame systems.

Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you soon (no TM) in the Shadowlands!

Ion Hazzikostas

Game Director

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New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 61 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. really fun night, and we got another new boss down!  Well done



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Two new bosses down!!

by Poisonenvy, 68 days ago

Big congrats to everyone tonight .. a really fun raid and two more bosses down - so first week in heroic and already halfway through!  Nicely done





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