Launch Code



If you are currently a guild member of Dark Wolves and for whatever reason have not registered with the website, you can bypass the application process by following the instructions below:


How to Fill in the Form

The first page you will come across is shown below:

The Application process is in two parts.  The first part is registering with the website hosting service - you cannot apply to the guild (or any guild using Guildlaunch for their website host) until you have a valid account with them.  The second part is the actual application to the guild.

If you already have a Guildlaunch username and password (for example you have applied to or been a member of another guild who uses Guildlaunch), then simply fill in your login details in Pic. 1.  If you do NOT have a Guildlaunch account, you will need to create one by filling in the details in Pic 2.  Please note that your username will be shown around the various sites, so ideally it should be something you are comfortable showing it on forums, etc.  The username must also be unique throughout the whole of the Guildlaunch site, which means there is a possibility someone else on another guild may already be using your chosen username.  If you can, we recommend your username reflect your main character name, but of course this is not always possible.

In order to complete the Guildlaunch registration you will be sent a verification email to your registered email address - please ensure you use a valid email address.  Please note that the "Confirmation Code" included within this verification email is NOT the launch code and is simply to verify that you are the owner of the registered email address.

Once you have created your Guildlaunch account (or logged in with a current one), you will see the next page:

At this point we shall assume that you are wanting to apply to join Dark Wolves and get full (member level) access to our website.  Therefore choose the top option as shown above, and click "Continue".

The next screen is effectively an Application Bypass screen, for those who are already members of the guild and simply want full member access to the website:

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