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General Transmogrification Information

Transmogrification arrived in patch 4.3, which allows you to change the look of your current armor, whilst keeping all its stats.

You change the look of your gear by speaking to the Transmogrification vendor (next to the reforging vendor).  You will get a similar screen to your character screen, with empty slots for various bits of your gear.  If you have, for example, an old weapon that you like the look of, and want to make your current weapon look the same, simply drag the old weapon into the relevant slot.

There are certain limitations:

  • You can only change an item to look like a similar type of item - cloth can only look like cloth, daggers can only look like daggers, plate can only look like plate.
  • Bows and Guns ARE interchangeable .. you can make a gun look and sound like a bow, and visa versa.
  • You can change the look of heirloom items, following the above restrictions.
  • Mailing a trasmogrified item, or placing it in the upcoming "void storage" will remove the changes - therefore you can't change the look of an heirloom item and then mail it to an alt and expect it to retain the new look.
  • You cannot make current items look like any gear that does not have extra "stats" on it.  Therefore you will be unable to use most low level gear.  Armor stats do not count!  It must have a + to a stat such as spirit, strength, dodge, agility, etc.
  • You cannot make current items look like legendary items.
  • You MUST possess the items you wish to change - both the item you will be wearing and the one you wish it to look like.  This is on a "per character" basis, not "per account".


Where to get the Gear

There are several paths to choose.  The most common will be either creating your own sets (via blacksmithing, tailoring or leatherworking) or collecting them from various dungeon instances.  The other alternatives are to collect old pvp gear or wait for the forthcoming Darkmoon Faire island which is rumoured to be providing some old, now unobtainable, armour sets.

Wowhead have provided some great resources in order to find an armour set to suit you:

Guide 1: Raiding and PvP Tier Sets

Guide 2: Top Picks and Unique Looks

Guide 3: Tier Look-Alike Sets

Guide 4: Matching "Greens"


How to View the Gear

For the above guides provided by Wowhead, they have also provided a way to view the gear in a 3D viewer.  Here's how:

Click on the link of the gear you wish to view:

Click on the "drop down" arrow above your chosen set:

Choose "View in 3D":

You then have a choice of viewing in Flash or Java.  Flash takes less time to load, but the quality isn't as good.

You can also select what race/gender to view the gear on ... sometimes a gear set can look completely different on different models, so it is worth checking out.




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