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 There are tons of useful guides and resources out on the internet to help you work out how to play your character to the best of your ability.  Most of them require no input from you whatsoever .. you simply pick your class or role and read up on it.  However, there are a few sites out there that require a bit of input and knowledge from yourself in order to get the best out of it.

If you intend to raid with us, or simply want to get the best out of your character regardless, we recommend you use these resources (at least until you're familiar with what is required to keep your character up to scratch!).  You will find some of them linked in our "Games Tools" section.

If I find more, or anyone has any suggestions for other sites that may need guides (or, indeed, have some input on the guides I provide here), please let me know.

Ask Mr Robot is an excellent site that will tell you exactly what enchants, gems and reforges are needed to get the best out of your gear.  It is a free service, although you can get more out of it if you subscribe, such as telling you if any gear in your bags is better than that you have on, which are the best bosses to use your extra rolls on in raids, etc.  Click the link above to learn more on the basics of how to use it.

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