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Welcome to the Dark Wolves "Wiki" page.  Any useful links or pages should hopefully be found here.  If there is a specific page you find yourself visiting time and again, and you feel you want to add it to our Wiki, let me know.  Be aware that this is very much a "work in progress".

So that you know when something new is added, there is a record at the bottom of this page which will be updated showing what has been added/updated, and when.

There are two types of areas on this website.  There are the public areas that anyone can view - these include news items, most of this Wiki, the public forums, etc; and there are the guild member areas - where you can viewand interact with the guild forums, view all of the wiki (including Vent settings) and more.   If you are a member of Dark Wolves, please register in order to access the full site - it is quick and easy: How to Register

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Updated the Raiding Rules section to clarify pugging and semi-pugging, and our Loot Master rules; 30.03.22

Added information about our Guild Raiding; 21.02.20

Split and updated the Guild Rules section in order to create a seperate Guild Info section; 22.02.19

Added Legion Reputation guide to Reputation section; 09.09.16

Split and Updated the Guild Rules in order to create a seperate Raiding Rules section; 14.01.16

Amended Guild Rules to incorporate Teamspeak link, information about Flex raiding and changes to restricted raids; 03.06.14

Added a Teamspeak setup guide; 02.11.13

Added the Battle Pets section, with a guide on the Celestial Tournament; 16.10.13

Added Web Resources Guide and a guide to the Ask Mr Robot website; 28.06.13

Updated Guild Rules page with more information on raiding guidelines; 01.05.13

Added guide to locations of Pandarian Quartermasters; 27.10.12

Added Reputation Guide for the The Tillers; 18.10.12

Added Guide for levelling Cooking in Pandaria from 1-600 in Professions section; 07.10.2012

Added guide for gaining Reputation with the Lorewalkers; 06.10.12

Added Guide to Achievements for Could We Find More Like That?; 05.10.12

Added link to Reputation guide for Mists of Pandaria; 01.10.12

Added Heroic mode tactics to Morchok, Zon'ozz and Yor'sahj bosses in Dragon Soul; 22.07.12

Added Ultraxion, Warmaster Blackhorn, Spine of Deathwing and Madness of Deathwing strategy guides to the Dragon Soul raid; 23.02.12

Updated Dragon Soul landing page with more information and links; 23.02.12

Added Hagara the Stormbinder to the Dragon Soul raid; 17.02.12

Added a Rank Benefits page; 02.02.12

Added Yor'sahj the Unsleeping to the Dragon Soul raid; 28.01.12

Added Warlord Zon'ozz to the Dragon Soul raid; 25.01.12

Added a new section in Raiding for the Dragon Soul raid, with details of the first boss fight.  More coming soon.  27.12.11

Updated the Gear Requirements page to reflect new raids and instances; 27.12.11

Added a Contact Us Section that is accessible via main website menu; 03.09.11

Added the FAQ Section to the Wiki (accessible via main website menu), and added information regarding Private Messages; 03.09.11

Added Strategy Guide for Throne of Four Winds to Raiding Section; 03.09.11

Added a Transmogrification Guide; 29.08.11

Added information regarding the various Cataclysm factions, including vendors, in Reputation; 13.08.11

Added information regarding Mark of the World Tree Vendors - thanks to Sploz for finding it!; 09.07.11

Added Bastion of Twilight in Raiding; 4.06.2011

Added Fungal Frenzy in Achievements; 25.03.2011

Added Extra Macros for Paladins; 16.03.2011

Updated the Levelling Guide to include more information to help a levelling character; 16.03.2011

Added Sha'tari Skyguard to the Reputation guides; 12.02.2011

Added Mining Guide to new Professions page; 10.02.2011

Updated Love is in the Air to include better boss fight information and all the other achievements; 06.02.2011

Added Netherwing Reputation guide; 06.02.2011

Added "Normalization" Instructions to the Ventrilo page; 25.1.2011

Instructions on how to Apply to the Guild added; 23.01.2011

Updated Macros Section to include Mind Control Macro for Priests; 18.01.2011

Archaeology Section added; 14.01.2011

Raiding Section (Baradin Hold); 06.01.2011

Raiding Section (Blackwing Descent); 05.01.2011

Achievements Section (Peacebloom Vs Ghouls); 01.01.2011

Achievements Section (Glory of the Cataclysm Hero); 01.01.2011



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