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Is Your Computer Ready for Legion?

by Poisonenvy, 12 days ago

With Legion, Blizzard have improved the graphics again.  You can still play on the previous settings, but there will be three additional, higher settings above what is currently the "Ultra" setting.

I've just had a quick check on the test realm, as these settings will come into effect in the pre-expansion patch, to check them out. 

Currently my graphics card is running ultra smoothly and I rarely drop below 50fps even in raids - my current card is a Nvidia Geforce GTX560ti.  However, having played with anything above the previous "ultra" setting, the graphics become obvious and laggy, with the framerate dropping significantly even when simply moving about in a low population area.

My current graphics card WILL, I have no doubt, continue to work well within Legion, albeit not on the highest settings, however, for those who are considering upgrading, I've come across two interesting sites. 

One is a comparison site of various GPU's, including cost and performance, together with a suggestion of alternatives that offer better value for money:

The other is a post Blizzard Watch made a while back, fairly recently updated, that discusses all the possible bottlenecks that may occur, and suggesting possible upgrades:


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Pre-Expansion patch now on PTR

by Poisonenvy, 12 days ago

Blizzard have announced that the pre-expansion patch has now gone live on the PTR (Public Test Realm), meaning that anyone can pop along and have a look (and test) the changes arriving soon.  The general consensus of opinion is that usually once something has gone onto the test realm, it usually takes 3-4 weeks before it arrives on live (although if there are major problems with it, it may take longer).  So we have only a few weeks left before we may be seeing this new update.  Most guesses for launch of this patch seem to be around the 13th July.

The full patch notes can be seen on the Blizzard blog post here:

The basics are as follows:

  • The Wardrobe and updated transmogrification system will arrive
  • PvP currency and gear will change, along with "equalisation" of gear in set PvP environments.
  • Some secondary stats will be removed/changed.
  • Dual Spec options removed - you can pick any spec you want, a bit like hunter pets - restrictions apply.
  • Glyphs removed.  Some glyph effects will be added to spellbooks/combined with spells or changed to vanity items.
  • Additional items have been changed to toys, and can be added to the toy box.
  • Changes to graphics and UI, including three settings higher than the current "Ultra" and changes to nameplates.
  • Gold hoarders rejoice - you can now hold more!
  • Additional character slot available, taking us to a maximum of 12 characters per realm (24 on our connected realms!!).
  • A whole bunch of class changes (don't know specifics yet, and won't panic about it until closer to the time!).

I think I might have to pop onto the test realm and test out my graphics!

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Legendary Quest - Days are Numbered

by Poisonenvy, 38 days ago

Blizzard have just posted the following to encourage those who haven't already completed the Legendary Ring questline, to do so:

If you’ve braved the challenges of Draenor, but haven’t yet completed the Legendary ring questline, now is the time to strike! The days are numbered for you to finish this unique adventure, but you have a chance to earn this fantastic prize and an unparalled Follower if you get started immediately and work diligently. Since the final chapter was released with Patch 6.2, some of the steps have been modestly streamlined, especially for alts and all characters who have a lot of Apexis crystals, Garrison Resources, and Oil. For example:

    Kluk’kluk in Tanaan Jungle offers additional Abrogator Stones for 14,958 Apexis Crystals, weekly.
    Renegade Ironworker in Tanaan Jungle offers additional Elemental Runes for 20,000 Apexis Crystals, weekly.
    Several Garrison Missions and Naval Missions reward Abrogator Stones and Elemental Runes. Check your mission tables regularly!

You can do this! Check out Wowhead’s comprehensive guide for more tips on quickly attaining Draenor glory before it’s gone forever, and don’t miss your chance to slip a legend on your finger.

The road ahead is fraught with embers and blood, as it was before—so it goes and ever goes. . . .

You’ve survived a long and dangerous journey thus far on Draenor. One portal has been destroyed within Tanaan Jungle . . . but Gul’dan and the twisted remains of the Iron Horde still strive to open another portal into Azeroth. You’ve allied with powerful forces to counter these nefarious plans, including the Archmage Khadgar. His efforts to fight the rising power of Gul’dan have presented countless new challenges and powerful rewards—but only for those stalwart enough to take on his formidable tasks.

Follow along with us, won’t you, as we walk you through the next—and final—chapter in Warlords of Draenor’s Legendary Ring quest line, culminating in Patch 6.2. And if you’re just getting started—or want to pick up where you left off—we’ve put together a guide of the journey so far.

You can read more on their post:


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Website and Roster Maintenance

by Poisonenvy, 40 days ago

Further to the previous Notice to remove some characters, the following characters were removed today:


Those marked with an asterisk appear to be alts that hadn't been marked as such.  This is indicated by the fact that, when I checked the number of accounts within the guild, that number did not go down when those characters were removed from the guild.

Please do note that although we ask those who invite alts into the guild to make a note on the roster to that effect, the onus is on the owner of the character to ensure that alts are marked as such.  Reminders are given regularly.

Alts that are not noted as alts will not be promoted to the correct rank when a member reached the Wolf rank and, as you see from above, are more likely to be removed when they are inactive (because there are no other characters to check for activity, on the same account).

If these are your characters, and you would like them returned to the guild, please speak to me.

Finally, the last character on the list previously, Seraphstar, is possibly an alt of another character (neither of which are linked) called Seraphstars.  The latter having been online around 3 days ago.  I have therefore marked Seraphstar as a possible alt, but I'd like confirmation please.

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Website and Roster Maintenance

by Poisonenvy, 43 days ago

In order to get as much in place admin-wise before the start of Legion, I'm currently in the process of ensuring as many as possible characters on the website roster are linked to their relevant owners.  In the process of carrying this out, I've found quite a few characters who belong to members that don't appear to be registered members of this website.

We highly encourage people to register with the website - not least because quite a lot of information and organising is carried out in our members-only forums.  We also occasionally run polls where we ask for registered members votes - which you cannot take part in if you're not a website member.

Some of these unlinked accounts may simply be due to the fact that we've not got them correctly marked up in the in-game roster, for example if they're an alt and we've either marked them as an alt of someone else, or no-one at all.  Others may be due to them being invited as a "family or friend" of a current guild member.

We do ask those who enter the guild as a "family or friend" still register with the website and ensure they read the guild rules - in fact we actually assume EVERYONE is a member, and HAS read the guild rules. 

The following characters are likely to be removed very shortly - partly because they do not seem to be linked with a guild member who is registered with the website and partly because they've not been online for a time longer than the minimum set out in the guild rules (most, a lot longer):


If any of the above are your character, please let me know immediately.

If you haven't yet registered with the website, and are a current guild member, you can do so using a launch code/password to bypass the recruitment process.  Please ask in-guild or check our guild info in-game for the password.

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Legion Beta starting today

by Poisonenvy, 47 days ago

Advice on how to check if you have Beta (and how to avoid those scams) is over on Blizzard Watch:

The Legion beta is about to begin which means the scammers are going to be out in force, so it’s time for our regular reminder: don’t fall for scams! Fortunately, scams aren’t difficult to avoid as long as you don’t let your beta excitement overwhelm your good sense.

 First, while Blizzard will send you an email saying you have beta access, it won’t include a beta key (or any mention of one). Don’t click anything that says “click here to get a beta key!” because beta keys simply don’t exist — your account will be flagged for access. On top of that, Blizzard will never ask you for your username, password, or any other personal information. Don’t enter this sort of information anywhere except

 If you realize just a little too late that you’ve clicked on something you shouldn’t have, head over to and change your password immediately. And, whether you’ve misclicked or not, it’s always a good idea to use Blizzard’s mobile authenticator and set up SMS protect for extra security.

 So how do you tell if you’ve been invited to the beta? Fire up the launcher. Under the drop-down menu (just above the “play” button) you’ll find an option labeled “Alpha: Legion.” (And, yes, while still flagged as alpha, this is the beta.) Since the download is over 30GB — remember, the Legion system requirements say you need 45GB — it’s not a bad idea to check and start that download if you do have access.

battlenet account summary

 If you don’t have access to the launcher (say, you’re at work when you’re reading this), you can check your account online. Under “Your Game Accounts” you’ll see a second WoW PTR listed — WoW1 is the regular PTR, but if you see a second PTR with any other number, that’s the beta client.

 Even if you haven’t gotten an email, check to see if you have access. While we haven’t heard of emails being sent out, a number of accounts have already been flagged for beta access.

Good luck and happy testing, everyone!

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