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Four new bosses down!

by Poisonenvy, 3 days ago

Excellent job tonight everyone .. sad to have missed it, but glad to see you did so well .. four new bosses down on Heroic!


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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 10 days ago

The following roster updates have been made today:

From Pup to Cub

Akromarus, Aleidan, Amaratsu, Apothecary, Ariat, Asmodeous, Asurmen, Bloodspikes, Fortreas, Ghostbuster, Grendala, Halftor, Hedshotz, Helenback, Januss, Kickazz, Killercat, Luchra, Masonicm, McMuffinDK, Mimiron, Najosi, Nekysor, Njau, Palmei, Pralice, Rakosh, Raquelle, Redluster, Rorgg, Spellshade, Splitlip, Stonewal, Tenric, Tenzula, Tokuro, Zaner, Zarakosh, Zhartali, Zoneseek

From Cub to Juvenile

Alotera, Arnarraeldi, Chilli, Dominors, Fendrox, Masonicc, Osmodeus, Shabb, Shabita, Shabitana, Zhivagos, Zilea

From Juvenile to Wolf
(alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)

Frenhana, Ironfury, Rodelem, Sharaj, Vistros

From Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf

Asmundr, Calliope, Kiku, Nahsja, Vampiro, Bigdorull, Kalafrak, Kazaru, Sarcator, Tylani.

For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild rules.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If anyone regularly raids and was already (prior to today) at the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank, please let me know.  Anyone who regularly raids and who has been promoted today to the Wolf/Wolf Alt rank will then be reviewed at the next set of promotions.

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First Week, first clear!

by Poisonenvy, 17 days ago

Very impressive stuff ... we took one week to clear Normal Antorus!  Massive congratulations to everyone - I'm fully aware that it could not have happened without the persistence and hard work of our raid members, so well done!

A few screenshots for the scrapbooks ...




Coven of Shivarra:






Argus the Unmaker:


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Guild Rules Update

by Poisonenvy, 18 days ago

It has come to my attention that a "rule" that we had been applying, which we assumed was obvious and not actually worth having down in words, with respect to those who are eligible to raid with us, is not actually stated anywhere and we've had a few discussions over the last few months with guild members who weren't aware/weren't happy when "alts" from guild members who also had raiding characters with other guilds, joined our raids.

To be clear .. ANY Dark Wolves guild member - any character of any rank - is eligible and welcome to sign up for ANY events in the calendar, as long as they fulfil the requirements.

This includes those who have no characters anywhere else at all - they're all with us .. right down to members who may only have one character with us and they raid with all of their others in multiple other guilds.  This also includes those who switched which character they preferred to play and those who have switched guilds with one or more characters (raiders or not .. joining or leaving).

To clarify this further ... ANY character that has joined an event or raid with the guild, regardless of whether it is an alt or a "main", whether or not the "owner" of the character has other raiding characters with other guilds, has the same rights to join guild raids, and for loot as any other character in the guild.  Every character reflects a person sat in front of their computer, making an effort to join with us in a group event - irrespective of what perceived status that character they're playing on may have within the guild - it is still one person contributing to the raid.  Of course we do personal loot anyway .. so this should not cause any problems .. but I know that it has in the past as people start perceiving loot that someone has kindly donated to the raid as somehow more "their" loot than someone elses, due to rank, character status or whether or not others have characters with other guilds.

I've also heard the occasional story about people being made to feel uncomfortable or not welcome in our guild raids, or even guild, due to the above.  Please do not.  Please be aware of our guild rules, our main and primarily one being "be nice" and apply them equally.  If you don't understand a guild rule, please ask.  If you don't agree with a guild rule, feel free to discuss it with us - occasionally there is a potential to change or tweak a rule if it has become outdated or obsolete, but sometimes there is a good reason for the rule being there, at which point we can explain that to you.

I have therefore amended this paragraph in the guild rules (text in bold is the addition):

The basics are that we regularly organise current level raiding for guild members.  There is no restriction on who can attend based on rank or past experience, although there will usually be a restricton based on gear level and potential output.  This will vary depending on the particular event requirements.  We have no restrictions about raiding with alts.  As long as the character is in our guild and fulfils requirements, it is eligible to sign up for raids.  This includes alts, mains and characters belonging to people who also have other characters (raiders or otherwise) in other guilds, irrespective of rank.

If you understand the guild rules but don't agree with them, and have discussed that with us and the outcome is not to your liking .. then I'm sure there are other guilds out there that have rules you're happier with.

If you wish to discuss this, please feel free to reply below or contact me direct.


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New Raid, New Record!

by Poisonenvy, 19 days ago

Tonight we went into the new raid, Antorus .. and managed to kill the first 6 bosses without hardly breaking a sweat!  Excellent job everyone, well done!

A few screenshots, when we remembered to take them:

Felhounds of Sargeras


Portal Keeper Hasabel


Eonar Normal

Eonar, the Lifebinder


Imonar the Soulhunter


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13th Anniversary

by Poisonenvy, 33 days ago


It is currently the 13th Anniversary for WoW until the end of the month, and it brings with it new quests and new rewards:

WoW's 13th Anniversary has a quest The Originals, to defeat Blasted Lands Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the four Green Dragons for 50 and a chance at ilvl 900 loot which can titanforge to 915.

Boss Overview

Pick up the quest at Historian Llore in Stormwind Library or Historian Ju'pa in Orgrimmar, Valley of Spirits. The Originals is a daily quest that requires players to be level 60 or higher.

Long ago, great terrors walked our lands, and drove even the smallest to flights of heroism. I speak, of course, about Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the Dragons of Nightmare. Legends have it that so sought after were their treasures, that armies would camp overnight to hunt them down. We have felt disturbances in the timeways, coincidentally located where these giants once roamed. Would you mind investigating for us? Strange things happen during this time of year.

These bosses drop some loot highly prized by transmog collectors such as  Strangely Glyphed Legplates and  Gauntlets of the Shining Light to match the transmog set Imbued Plate (Recolor), and the weapons  Staff of Rampant Growth,  Nightmare Blade,  Typhoon,  Emerald Dragonfang, and  Amberseal Keeper.

You can bonus roll with Seal of Broken Fate to increase your chances at getting this special loot!

* = unique appearance for transmog

Lord Kazzak

Lord Kazzak is a very popular world boss, returning over the years as Doom Lord Kazzak in Outland and Supreme Lord Kazzak in Tanaan Jungle.

His original version, Lord Kazzak, spawned in the Blasted Lands and could be kited to Stormwind to rain destruction on the city. He also dropped one of the quest items needed for the Priest weapon  Benediction.

His abilities included Capture Soul which healed him on player death, Mark of Kazzak to drain player mana and then cause an explosion, and Twisted Reflection which heals Kazzak when a specific player is damaged.

Loot:  Blacklight Bracer,  Fel Infused Leggings,  Ring of Entropy,  Amberseal Keeper*,  Doomhide Gauntlets,  Flayed Doomguard Belt,  Eskhandar's Pelt,  Infernal Headcage,  Empyrean Demolisher*,  Blazefury Medallion


Azuregos was a very difficult and time-consuming boss due to the Mark of Frost ability which placed a 15 minute debuff on anyone slain, turning them into an ice cube. He also periodically wiped aggro, teleported to players, and reflected all spells back onto players.

Azuregos also had a sense of humor; he got fed up protecting the  Blue Scepter Shard and gave it to the shark Maws. This started a lengthy questline to summon the boss, involving collecting pages from bosses, spending lots of gold on costly materials, and acquiring  Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops:

After his stint as a world boss, Azuregos became a questgiver in Azshara. With all the times players killed him, he wanted to stay in the spirit realm and fell in love with the spirit healer! Learn more about his role in the Farewell, Minnow questline.

In Legion, Azuregos has a more serious role in the Arcane Mage and Discipline Priest artifact questlines that take you to the Nexus.

Loot:  Snowblind Shoes,  Cold Snap,  Fang of the Mystics*,  Unmelting Ice Girdle*,  Typhoon*,  Crystal Adorned Crown,  Drape of Benediction

Green Dragons

These dragons are best known as the Dragons of Nightmare in the Emerald Nightmare Legion Raid.

Originally, they spawned in Emerald Portals located in Feralas, Duskwood, Hinterlands, and Ashenvale, and had some shared abilities and loot.

All Dragons shared the Mark of Nature ability, which placed an aura on players that died during the encounter. When a player tried to engage the boss again, the Seeping Fog would put the player to sleep for 2 minutes instead of 4 seconds - severely limiting zerg runs.

Shared Loot:  Gloves of Delusional Power,  Dragonspur Wraps*,  Ancient Corroded Leggings,  Dragonbone Wristguards,  Hammer of Bestial Fury*,  Green Dragonskin Cloak,  Acid Inscribed Greaves,  Trance Stone*,  Staff of Rampant Growth


Emeriss has the special abilities Volatile Infection causing AoE damage around a player, Corruption of the Earth triggered every 25% health lost which placed a DoT on players, and Putrid Mushroom which spawned a mushroom on corpses.

Loot:  Dragonheart Necklace,  Boots of the Endless Moor*,  Circlet of Restless Dreams*,  Ring of the Unliving,  Polished Ironwood Crossbow*


Lethon has the special abilities Shadow Bolt Whirl which fired bolts of shadow damage and Draw Spirit triggered every 25% health lost which stunned players and summoned spirits which would heal Lethon if they reached him.

Loot:  Gauntlets of the Shining Light*,  Deviate Growth Cap*,  Malignant Footguards,  Black Bark Wristbands,  Dark Heart Pants,  Belt of the Dark Bog


Taerar has the special abilities Bellowing Roar which is a traditional dragon fear, Arcane Blast which deals damage and knockbacks, and Summon Shade of Taerar triggered every 25% health lost. At this time, Taerar will banish himself and summon three Shade of Taerar.

In Cataclysm, players defeat Taerar in Taerar's Fall.

Loot:  Boots of Fright*,  Unnatural Leather Spaulders*,  Mendicant's Slippers,  Nightmare Blade*,  Mindtear Band


Ysondre has the special abilities Lightning Wave and Summon Demented Druid Spirit triggered every 25% heath lost which summons druids that Moonfire and silence.

In Cataclysm, players can aid Ysondre in defeating Taerar in Taerar's Fall.

Loot:  Emerald Dragonfang,  Jade Inlaid Vestments,  Strangely Glyphed Legplates,  Leggings of the Demented Mind*,  Hibernation Crystal,  Acid Inscribed Pauldrons*



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Member Benefit Changes

by Poisonenvy, 34 days ago

We had a few requests recently to increase the amount of repairs available for raiders.  As the last time I adjusted the repairs amount was at the start of the expansion, and as we've got enough gold in the guild vault to cover a small increase, I've therefore adjusted it as follows:


Rank   Old Repairs Allowance    New Repairs Allowance
Pup 0 0
Cub 25 50
Juvenile 50 75
Wolf Alt 120 150
Wolf 120 150
Werewolf 280 350
Beauwolf       350 400
Beta 350 400


You can see a full list of all of the rank benefits in our Wiki:

This is open to change again at any time.


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No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em