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Welcome to the Dark Wolves website. 

Please register and explore the site - visit our Wiki, our forums, Game Tools and all the other nooks 'n crannies - it's amazing what you find in all sorts of places!  Feel free to say "hi" in the forums or the various "chat" options around the site and add @darkwolveseu to your twitter feed for news updates and more.

This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


To current members of Dark Wolves ... instructions on how to Register with the site (which is extremely quick and easy) can be found on the Guild Wiki here.

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 4days ago2 Replies
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 6days ago0 Replies
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 8days ago8 Replies
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The Ice Bucket Challenge

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago

Banuhi recently nominated Dark Wolves for the Ice Bucket Challenge, so Kad and I decided to take that challenge, sucker our kids into taking part as well and then re-challenge .. here are the results!



(unfortunately I couldn't work out how to actually show the videos here!)


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Raiding Etiquette Reminder

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago


As this expansion draws to a close, and the prospect of a new expansion, complete with new raiding/instance experiences looms, I'd just like to take the opportunity to remind guild members how we should behave in groups - both with guild-only groups and with others.

Our first rule in Dark Wolves is to "be nice" ... play nice and be aware of those around you.  We are all adults, we should all be able to get along and, if something happens that you don't like, you should be able to deal with it in a grown up and responsible manner.

World of Warcraft is an MMO ... by its very nature it involves playing with other real people in real-time situations.  People don't always agree with one another - there are multiple ways to play WoW and just because you may play it one way, that does not mean that everyone else's way is wrong.

Recently we have been running Flex with another guild.  Their intention is multiple ... to provide current raiders with some raiding when we're unable to organise a group completely in-guild; to provide those who want to raid who haven't had the opportunity so far the chance to experience it (so they can see what would be expected of them in a normal raid environment); to gain extra gear for anyone who needs it; to provide a group event where people can get together at the same time and relax and have some fun.

Unfortunately I'm a little concerned that we are going to start being perceived in a poor light ... we seem to fairly consistently have the occasional "disconnect" part way through a raid, we're getting comments in chat that some feel are offensive and, to top it off, we're getting "ragequits".  Dealing with your team-mates in such a manner is rude and unfair.  It disrupts the group, reduces team morale and reflects badly both on yourself and your guild. 

This is NOT who we are.  We advertise, and we have been very proud, of the fact that we don't "do" drama.  I could understand the occasional problem at the height of a progression run, after hours of wipes, when people are starting to get stressed ... but these are Flex runs, with another guild, where we are supposed to be showing the best of us (not necessarily stat-wise, but most definitely behaviour-wise) - where people are learning strategies, where there is a massive mix of those who know fights and are well geared and those who have never/rarely raided this expansion/at all.

I don't care what your output is .. if you can't play nice in a team, then you are dragging that team down.  Current content CANNOT be completed by one individual or a small group ... it has to be completed by a team.  If you cannot play nice in a team then it is all for naught.

Please be aware that I am not singling anyone out here .. we are all occasionally guilty of the odd lapse in judgement .. myself possibly most of all (highlighted possibly because I'm looked upon as the person who often has to sort these things out).  I know that I am also often guilty of not being the highest in output, occasionally standing in fire, running the wrong way, not running at all or just basically forgetting where I am.  I know that we all do this on occasion and, as long as we are honest with ourselves and with others, that is not a problem. 

It IS a problem if you are not the raid leader and you start making pointed remarks in guild or raid chat, singling individuals out.  If people have made an error, or have problems with their output, they are usually aware of it.  If they are not, the raid leader will be aware of it and will, if necessary, deal with it.  If the raid leader asks for input, then feel free to give constructive advice.

If you think you can lead a raid well and successfully, feel free to let us know and we will happily try to arrange for you to try leading a few ... after all, most of us don't particularly want that job :p 

As far as specifics for Flex goes, and some of the complaints that were received yesterday about the tactics being "wrong" ...

  • Samsara are the primary guild running the flex raid groups.  We are using their voice servers, their members .. if they hadn't approached us regarding the possibility, we would not be flex raiding on a Friday. 
  • Samsara have killed more bosses than us both in Flex and Normal Siege of Orgrimmar, more often, with more success. 
  • Samsara have provided the tactics we use (with some input from ourselves occasionally) and we know they work because (a) Samsara have used them regularly, successfully, in their in-guild raids (b) we have used them successfully in our joint Flex raids and, often, in our Normal in-guild raids.

The way Flex works is "flexible" by it's very nature ... the more people who attend, the higher the boss's health and, in some cases, the more mechanics are involved.  If someone who is a high output leaves, in theory that should make it more difficult as, although the health pool has gone down, the amount of raid-wide DPS/Output has also gone down, and by a higher proportion.

Last night we had three Dark Wolves guild members leave the raid group .. at least two of whom were "high output" who were bringing the average raid-wide output up to a higher level.  After they left, of course the health pool of the boss reduced, but also the average output of the raid group reduced considerably as well.  Despite this, the boss did die.  I believe that this was simply down to the fact that at that point we were playing better as a team.

No doubt others will argue with that, but at the end of the day, raiding is a team game and requires the group to co-operate together as a team.  If people are comfortable playing with the rest of the group, and not constantly second-guessing themselves or others, then they can concentrate on actually carrying out their role to the best of their abilities.

Finally, I would like to direct people to take this opportunity to re familiarise themselves with our raiding rules.

If anyone has any problem with any of the above, or has any questions, feel free to contact me direct or, if they're happy to be constructive and open, they can reply below.


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WoW Subscription Increases

by Poisonenvy, 14 days ago


Blizzard have announced that they are planning to increase the subscription fees for World of Warcraft.  Above are the current costs for a WoW subscription ... the date for the price increase has not yet been announced, although they have said they will give a two months warning prior to actually changing the costs.  This price increase only relates to the EU.  Those on a recurring subscription will actually continue to pay the current rate for two further years following the price increase, assuming they do not change their recurring subscription.

More info here: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/11546524896

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Lords of War - Kargath

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

A new video has been released by Blizzard to explain some of the history:

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Warlords of Draenor News

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

The Cinematic has been released for the next expansion, which you can view below:



The release date has also been announced, as 13th November.  I'm guessing this means that access will be available from around 12 midnight server time on the evening of the 12th?

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Flex and 10th Anniversary raiding

by Poisonenvy, 18 days ago

Samsara have contacted me to try to re-start the flex raiding on a Friday evening.  I have therefore added Flex for Friday this week with the same requirements/times as usual ... 9pm Server Time start; bring flasks and be repaired ... ideally DPS want to be doing at least 100k dps although there may be some wiggle room, depending on the section we do.  Samsara should be able to provide at least one tank.  Teamspeak IS required ... for instructions on how to download and set it up, click here.

We have also been discussing the 10th Anniversary raid. 

As you may already know, Blizzard have announced various special events to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of World of Warcraft.  One of those "events" is a 40 man LFR into Molten Core.  The reward for completing it is a Molten Core mount.

Samsara have suggested that we might get together to take on the raid together ... it will take place in November with max-level characters ... therefore level 100 characters only.

We do not currently know what sort of gear level will be required, but it would be really great if, between us, we could muster a group of 40 .. even if it includes some off-realm friends of guild members.  Samsara are willing to provide the Teamspeak server so we can discuss tactics and basically get rather rowdy.

Once we know when the raid opens up, I'll put it up on the calendar ... so if you fancy a new mount and the opportunity to take part in a completely bonkers 40 man raid - possibly with upgrades and/or transmog gear as well .. keep an eye out for it and sign up :-)

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New Guild Achievements

by Poisonenvy, 35 days ago

We've had a flurry of guild achievements this week following the completion of our final "Stay Classy" achievement:

Hurrah!!  It was a long road, but we (you!) did it .. and we've finally purchased the 8th guild vault slot. 

I've therefore re-organised the last few slots and the respective access .. if anyone notices something I've missed, or has any suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

All I've done, really, is create a slot specifically for glyphs and enchants .. these are rather expensive in the Auction House (or were, before the Connected Realms merge .. I've not checked since), so it seems right to have them available in the guild vault for those who can use them.

When/if I have time, I'll try to go through in greater detail and find the glyphs that are recommended most, to ensure we have some of those available .. but don't hold you breath! (plus, it might all change come the next expansion ...)

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Mount on Sale .. this week only

by Poisonenvy, 36 days ago

If you want it ... now is the time to get it!!

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