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This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


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Website Roster Update

by Poisonenvy, 5 days ago

Hi guys

I've had a query about how the website works as they were worried when they got an automated message stating their character had been removed from the guild.

For information purposes, our website roster links up with the Armories on a regular basis (it's supposed to be around every 24 hours but not really sure).

During that time it checks the characters shown on our guild roster in-game with those shown on our website and, if there are some on the website that are not in-game, it attempts to remove them (from the website roster).

If that character is linked to an account, then that account holder will be sent an automated message stating that the particular character was removed from the guild by myself (because I'm the site owner).

If that character is not linked to an account, then it sends the message to me instead (as if they're not linked to a specific account, they're classed as being mine by the website).

Characters are linked to your accounts in three ways.

The first, and most common way, is by applying to the guild, and being accepted.  As soon as your application is accepted, the character you applied with then gets automatically added to the website roster and linked to your account.

Unfortunately, the problem with this is that sometimes people spell their character name wrong, get their realm wrong or their faction.

If applicants give the wrong information on their application form, I have two choices .. either dismiss out of hand and ask them to reapply using the correct information, or spend time and energy chasing down the correct information, conversing with the applicant and finally making a decision based not only on their application, but information given later.

If I accept based on information given later, the website cannot differentiate, so adds the incorrect information to the roster.

The second way that characters are linked to your accounts involves me looking through the website roster for unclaimed characters, then checking in-game to find out who that character is linked to.  I then come back to the website, find the registered name of that person and link the character up to the account.

If I'm on the ball (which doesn't always happen) I try to ensure that, if someone applied and was accepted using incorrect character information, I link the correct character up as soon as possible, so that I don't end up with a registered user with no characters attached - because at that point it is much more difficult working out who they are.

The final way a character can be linked to an account (and also much easier than me having to do it, but also the least likely to happen), is for the member themselves to look through the guild roster page and click the "claim" button next to their characters.

So .. if you applied to the guild using an incorrect character name/realm/faction, and you then later receive a message stating that character was removed from the guild, it basically means the website is trying to clean up the roster and correct invalid information.  At which point I would advise you check the guild roster on the website to ensure your character(s) are shown on the roster and, if they have a "claim" button next to them, claim them for your account.

If your characters simply do not show .. and you have actually joined the guild in-game more than 24 hours ago, please contact me and I'll look into it further.  And don't panic!

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Reminder to all Guild Members

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago


I'd like to remind ALL guild members (and potential guild members) that it is a requirement for everyone to read and agree to our guild rules.

On the whole, I believe these to be fair and common sense .. however, just because I think they are, doesn't mean everyone else does!

The guild rules are split into two main sections .. the first is about how the guild itself works, the second about how we organise and run raids, including loot rules, standard raiding times, etc.

We ask people to read these before they join so that there are no surprises (well, not too many anyway ... and certainly not any important ones).  Members who join via a different route other than filling in an application form, we ask to read the rules just after they join.  We can therefore work on the assumption that everyone in the guild knows the rules and knows where to find them should they need to refer to them again (which we all should do .. I do so regularly) .. so if anything happens that goes against these rules, we can point to them and say "ignorance is no excuse".

The rules are there for all of us.  They have evolved over the years, and many of the "rules" have occurred because different people have had different ideas about what is "common sense" .. which is why they're fairly extensive.  In effect, the rules have actually roughly stayed the same for years ... they have just grown as I've had to explain further what is meant in certain sections.

For example, one of these rules is in respect of the guild vault, it's use, access to it and it's function.

The guild vault is one of the core parts of our guild.  If you start a new guild, it's there, day one.  It grows with you as your guild grows.  It adapts as the guild changes.  It is critical that the integrity of the vault is maintained .. that people use it fairly and correctly, that it is there for the good of all, relative to your rank in the guild, and that it is administered well.

Now I can't claim to administer the vault perfectly .. sometimes things pile up and I have to have a clear out .. sometimes we're low on raiding consumables and I need to organise for it to be topped up ... but generally I think we have it ticking over quite nicely.

I would like to stress, however, a point in the guild rules:

The guild is happy to accept donations which can be deposited in the relevant slots in the Vault (or if you do not have access to the relevant slot, you can either mail to an officer rank with a request to place in the correct slot, or place in a tab you can access, for future movement).

Within the guild rules, under the section regarding the guild vault, the word "donation" is used many times.  Everything placed in the guild vault ... regardless of what it is ... is viewed as a donation.

If you place something in the guild vault by accident, and are unable to retrieve it, please talk to an officer or myself as soon as possible after the event - if the item is still there, and the guild log confirms what happened, then we can possibly return it.  Please note, however, that the log is not very long and the more often a tab is used, the sooner the log is overwritten.  For some tabs this could be months .. for others (such as the money log) this is only days.  Having said that .. there is no requirement for us to do this.  Item placed in the guild vault, either on purpose or by accident, are viewed as having been donated to the guild as a whole.

I will, at some point in the near future (after giving you guys time to read it as it currently is) try to expand the rules further, specifically this section, to make it more obvious what is meant by a donation.

Having said all the above .. and waited patiently for you to come back from reading the mahoosive guild rules page ... if anyone has any suggestions or comments regarding the rules, or any questions, please let me know.  As the rules are fairly long (due to the whole "growing as we grow" thing) there are no doubt parts that makes sense in my head, but when someone reads them make no sense whatsoever.  Although I would hope that out of an entire guild of people who have, of course, read them in the past, someone would have noticed any glitches by now

I would also like to think that, if anyone objects to any of the guild rules, or doesn't understand them, they would ask about them.  As mentioned above, it is a requirement that guild members read AND AGREE to the guild rules.  If you do not agree to the guild rules (and the bit you don't agree with is not just a typo!) unfortunately we're not the guild for you.

*waits for the thunder of feet as everyone flees*

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New Boss Down

by Poisonenvy, 8 days ago


Massive congratulations to everyone, and thank you for making it a fun and stress-free raid ... we killed a new boss!


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Wowhead Scavenger Hunt

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago

Wowhead have put up a new competition to win all sorts of goodies:

Plus 10 BlizzCon Virtual Tickets. New to 2015, they can be gifted!

The Virtual Ticket comes with access to all BlizzCon streams, in-game goodies for all games like Murkidan, access to the special BlizzCon Sale--and new to 2015--the option to pre-purchase the Goody Bag. More details here.

In order to take part, you need to have an account and be logged in on the Wowhead site (which is free and easy), then just work out from the clues which pages you should be on.

15 Fel Flame are hidden in our database and it's up to you to find them before the holiday week is over. We'll provide you the clues, but you'll have to do the rest of the sleuthing on your own.

For every clue you answer by visiting its respective database entry, you'll get entered into the contest through unlocking a special holiday Wowhead achievement. The achievement can be earned up to fifteen times meaning you have fifteen chances to win.

Participating is as easy as reading the riddles and going on a hunt through Wowhead's database while logged in. Use your own resources and get creative while looking for the answers; try searching for various keywords found in the clues and remember that Google is always your friend.

And if you get stuck, don't despair--some of them are hard while some are easy, so everyone should be able to get at least one entry into this contest!

This is what you're looking for:


Here are the fifteen clues for the 15 Fel Flames:

  1. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted--at least, that's probably a sentiment this exiled Blood Elf Demon Hunter could agree with. If he weren't trying to kill us, we'd feel bad for him, but as it stands, he's a skilled combatant even if he can't see us.
  2. You don't have to train with Illidan to improve your heighten your senses nor do you have to wear his blindfold--this concoction gives you both!
  3. We were not prepared for this little guy. We know he's no Murky, but he is a pretty sweet reward. Too bad we have to wait a while for him, he's not even in-game yet!
  4. Although Illidan was the villian in TBC, it's quite possible in Legion he'll be one of the good guys. This quest in which he uses his abilities to save Felwood might be a example of the side of Illidan we're about to see. Who knows, maybe there will be more information about Illidan this fall at BlizzCon?
  5. If it weren't trifling gnomes, Trial of the Grand Crusader would've gone much smoother for everyone. How arrogant of then of this gnome to try to summon something he couldn't control--his spell certainly fizzled.
  6. If you're into Night Elf lore, this instance probably made you pretty happy. The fact that the instance had easter eggs centered around having some of Illidan's loot for players to experience? Well, that's just a bonus.
  7. This legendary was the next legendary after Warglaives of Azzinoth. Unfortunately it's a little lackluster nowadays, considering its biggest benefit has long since been negated by changes to the game and how few players can actually get the achievement for having it.
  8. This title was popular for a while in expansions past as it used to be a symbol of status--if you had it, you could freely spend money. Of course, the 1000 gold it costs is probably a pittance in today's economy.
  9. Demon Hunters are awesome! This particular one was a quest NPC who made us all suffer a little bit by asking us to ride a Netherdrake just long enough to realize how cool they were and how badly we wanted one.
  10. This reagent for crafting has all but vanished over the expansions; it's almost like all of those who knew its recipe died or something. At least one vendor still sells it in Feralas. In a way, it's fitting then that its name is spectral in nature, even if it's more practical than spooky.
  11. These are probably the rarest plate shoulders in the game. Sadly, they were part of a limited armor set from a special event so getting them is impossible even for the most dedicated of players--for some reason they aren't on the BMAH. Those who got these shoulders certainly were blessed.
  12. It only took Ghostcrawler actually leaving Blizzard for us to get this mount. But hey, a promise forfilled is a promise forfilled.
  13. We're particularly excited for Hallow's End this October. We just really want to see our tiny friend enjoying the festivities in this outfit!
  14. Like many items Griftah sells, this fine off-hand was just a useless vessel for flavor text. Once it was removed from the game in patch 2.3, however, its price has sky-rocketed and it became quite valuable.
  15. If you look at the map in the original WoW cinematic, half of this Kalimdor zone is missing on the map which bugs many players who pay attention to detail. Apparently the area didn't exist at the time of the trailer's creation which is hard to imagine, given that it houses two of the game's most iconic instances. Of course, at launch, it was pretty barren so it makes sense.

Solve these fifteen clues to receive fifteen entries and fifteen chances to win the contest!

If you get stuck on a number you can always ask your friends, Google, or even your guildmates. It's also important to know that a clue will always refer to a specific item or NPC--meaning if it's a mount, we want the item you learn the mount from, not the spell for it. You can also read the comments here at Wowhead and see if anyone has added another tip! Just make sure you don't post the exact answers here, or as a comment in the database, or you'll be disqualified and temporarily banned until the hunt is over.

Full details are here: http://www.wowhead.com/news=248734/wowheads-legion-scavenger-hunt


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New Boss down!

by Poisonenvy, 23 days ago


Congratulations guys ... great night tonight.  Things went exceedingly smoothly (especially considering it was touch and go whether or not we would even get enough to go!) .. we even downed a new boss ... choo choo!!

Next week is a continuation .. check out the raiding forums post for more details.

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Demon Hunter Forum Added

by Poisonenvy, 24 days ago


As there is a new class coming to WoW, I've updated our forums to reflect .. there is now a forum dedicated to this class in the "Class Guide" Forums.

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World of Warcraft: Legion

by Poisonenvy, 24 days ago


The next expansion has today been announced ... with new areas; new level cap; a new hero class; class specific areas, weapons and quests; a new PvP honor system, plus lots more ... check out the videos and links above and below, and keep your eyes peeled for more news!



  • Demon Hunters can only be Night Elves or Blood Elves
  • Demon Hunters have two specializations: Havoc and Vengeance. These are for melee damage dealers and tanks.
  • UNRIVALED MOBILITY: Demon Hunters can double jump, vault in and out of combat, and even unfold their monstrous wings to perform gliding descents and surprise enemies from above.
  • METAMORPHOSIS: Demon Hunters transform into hellish forms, enhancing their chosen role: damage-focused Illidari can teleport into combat, while those who prize defense can grant powerful supportive Auras.
  • MELEE DAMAGE: The chaotic energy that flows within Demon Hunters empowers their physical and magical strikes to devastating effect.
  • SPECTRAL SIGHT: The Demon Hunters’ apparent blindness belies their true powers of perception. They rely on magically augmented sight to detect enemies, even those that hide behind obstacles.
  • Available Weapons: Daggers, Fist Weapons, One-Handed Axes, One-Handed Maces, One-Handed Swords


Read more over on Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/news=248607/world-of-warcraft-legion-expansion-announcement


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Blizzard to Announce next Expansion

by Poisonenvy, 27 days ago


Blizzard have scheduled the announcement of the next World of Warcraft at Gamescon this week .. although it is a little confusing as to specifically WHAT time this is going to happen - if anyone wants to watch it live, I'd suggest keeping an eye on their live stream channel.

Below are the dates/times I've noticed for it (these are CEST ... "server time"/Paris time I believe):



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