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Welcome to the Dark Wolves website. 

Please register and explore the site - visit our Wiki, our forums, Game Tools and all the other nooks 'n crannies - it's amazing what you find in all sorts of places!  Feel free to say "hi" in the forums or the various "chat" options around the site and add @darkwolveseu to your twitter feed for news updates and more.

This website is for YOU, the guild member and the prospective guild member, and any of our friends - if you don't feel there is anything worth coming back to the site for, let me know what WOULD keep you coming back and I will try to add it.


To current members of Dark Wolves ... instructions on how to Register with the site (which is extremely quick and easy) can be found on the Guild Wiki here.

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user avatar Lords of War - Maraad
 4days ago4 Replies
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Lords of War - Maraad

by Poisonenvy, 5 days ago

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Patch 6.0.2 - coming to a downloader near you ...

by Poisonenvy, 9 days ago


Blizzard has announced:

To help you get prepared for the upcoming Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 release, we’ve uploaded the patch data to the background downloader. By downloading the patch in advance, you’ll be ready to get in-game and start playing as soon as the expansion goes live!

This is already showing as about to download on my launcher.

More information can be found about this here.

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Legendary Cloak Questline to be Removed

by Poisonenvy, 15 days ago

Blizzard have announced that, from the next patch, players who have not yet started the Legendary cloak questline will no longer be able to access it.  Those already on the questline will still be able to complete it and, as Valor points are going away, the "collect Valor points" part of the quest will no longer be required.  When the new expansion hits ... the questline disappears completely - you will no longer be able to gain the legendary cloak and all the relevant quests will go away.  If you have the cloak already, you keep it.

See the Blizzard post for more information: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/15910699/legendary-cloak-quest-last-chance-black-prince-buff-extended-9-16-2014

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Promotions/Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 17 days ago


Congratulations to everyone promoted this week:


From Pup to Cub 

 Anglachel, Angrod, Brilthor, Desmera, Dravel, Gengisdark, Gengisterror, Glimlo, Ignotar, Kungpopanda, Longshott, Pheo, Shoxx, Tureis, Xorphius, Zelari, Zendalari


From Cub to Juvenile

Ajub, Samboja and Softwinter


With Warlords of Draenor on the horizon, I'd like to take this opportunity to give everyone prior warning that, probably on the next roster update, I'll be doing a full clear-out. 

This means that any characters that have not been accessed for a considerable length of time are likely to be removed from the roster.  This does NOT apply to alts .. so please ensure that all your alts are marked as such.

The following time frames are likely to be considered for removal:

  • Those in the Missing in Action rank, and not accessed for 2 years or more, will be removed.
  • Those in the Pup rank and not been accessed for 2 months or more, will be removed.
  • Any other rank that has not been accessed for 6 months or more will either be placed in the Missing in Action rank (if we receive notification that they may be back), or will be removed.

Again ... this does not apply to Alts.  So if you log in regularly on at least one of your characters, then that will be taken into consideration when looking at alts.

Furthermore,  shortly after the release of WoD, the Werewolf rank will be reset.  This means that all those currently at Werewolf rank will be placed back at their respective Wolf/Wolf Alt ranks.  The promotion back to Werewolf rank will then take place following the usual rules.



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Lords of War - Durotan

by Poisonenvy, 17 days ago

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WoW's 10 Year Anniversary

by Poisonenvy, 21 days ago

Blizzard have now announced exactly when, and for how long, their Anniversary event will happen.  Good news everyone .. they've fixed the ... oh wait .. wrong instance!  The event, including the Molten Core 40 man LFR, will start on the 21st November 2014 and end on the 6th January 2014 ... so it will launch just over a week after the release of Warlords of Draenor, and remain for another 6-7 weeks - plenty of time to get geared/levelled in order to have a bit of a play!


With Warlords of Draenor set to launch on Thursday, November 13, we’ve seen a few questions about how that fits in with our plans for the upcoming 10-year anniversary content. We’re looking forward to celebrating this epic milestone with you, and we want to make sure everyone has plenty of opportunity to take part while still being able to fully enjoy what the expansion has to offer.

The 10- year anniversary celebration will begin in-game on Friday, November 21 and will last until Tuesday, January 6, 2015 at 10 a.m. PST. Everyone who logs in during this time period will receive the incredibly cuddly, feisty, and fiery new Molten Corgi to love, pet, and call their own. You’ll also be able to participate in a pair of special events to commemorate the occasion.

Maximum Molten Core

One of WoW’s classic 40-player dungeons, Molten Core, will be available in Raid Finder during the anniversary period for level 100 players. Making it through the underground gauntlet and defeating Ragnaros will reward players with a Core Hound mount and a Warlords of Draenor Raid Finder–quality helm (100% guaranteed!). For a walkthrough of the dungeon as it stands today, check out our Revisiting Heroism’s Past – Molten Core guide.

Southshore vs. Tarren Mill—The Battle Continues

To recapture the feeling of the endless tug-of-war of early WoW PvP, we’ll be opening a Team Deathmatch–style Battleground based on the timeless struggle between Southshore and Tarren Mill. We’ll have two different brackets for players to take part in: one for levels 90–99 characters and another for level 100. Unlike the old days of Tarren Mill vs. Southshore, there will be a clearly defined victor, so you’ll need to work as a team or face crushing defeat. A win will gain you a shiny new title: either Tarren Mill Terror for the Alliance or Southshore Slayer for the Horde.

Onward into Warlords of Draenor

With the release of Warlords of Draenor, all unrated PvP Battlegrounds, Skirmishes, and other unrated PvP activities will be available immediately. The new rated season will begin Tuesday, December 2 at 8 a.m. PST.

We also wanted to make sure that everyone had time to level up before we opened our first Raid dungeon, Highmaul, in Normal and Heroic modes. These will open at the same time as the rated PvP season (December 2), with Raid Finder and Mythic modes opening the following week. We’ll provide a complete schedule in the future for those who wish to start planning their new Raid calendars. For more information on the new Raid structure for Warlords of Draenor, be sure to read our Dev Watercooler series: Raiding Azeroth – Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.


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Lords of War - Grommash Hellscream

by Poisonenvy, 21 days ago

Find out more about Grommash before the next expansion is released.


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