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Another boss down!

by Poisonenvy, 4 days ago

Blimey .. what an excellent week .. we managed to get the penultimate boss of the raid down with a minimal raid group .. only one more to go!

Queen Azshara .. we're coming for ya!





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Second week .. three new bosses!

by Poisonenvy, 6 days ago

Awesome job everyone tonight, thank you!

Second week in the new raid, and not only did we sail past the first three bosses, but then one shot the next three too! (bugging out one of the bosses doesn't count! )





(We forgot to take a screenshot of the last one until most had left .. so you get to see an empty room with portals in it!)

This also gained many of us the achievement "Depths of the Devoted".

Looking forward to the next raid!  Keep an eye out here, and on our discord for updates and more information.


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New Raid, New Bosses

by Poisonenvy, 13 days ago

Congratulations to everyone for helping us get THREE new bosses down in the new raid!  They were fun, they were a bit chaotic at times, they were a little weird and a little scary (giant man-eating one-shotting fish that jumps out of the depths .. eek!) .. but it was an enjoyable and successful night .. woohoo!







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New free mount .. with a 6 month Subscription

by Poisonenvy, 26 days ago

Blizzard have announced that, if you already have a recurring 6 monthly subscription, or if you buy one .. you will receive a free mount:

"For a limited time, when you sign up for a 6-month subscription to World of Warcraft, you’ll also receive the Sylverian Dreamer, an enchanting addition to any mount collection. If you’re currently on a 6-month recurring subscription with a future renewal date, you will receive the Sylverian Dreamer mount at no additional charge, no later than July 8, 2019."

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A New Boss Down!

by Poisonenvy, 27 days ago

Congratulations everyone .. it took a bit of effort .. especially as some of us were drawn to the (very hurty) light-beam, others felt the urge to heroically and enthusiastically leap over tall buildings (rubble) whilst wearing a ticking bomb, and some of us were just too gosh darn slow :p  Aided and abetted by the patch day curse that involved the boss being completely bugged and refusing to do some of the mechanics he was supposed to .. to our detriment.  The git.  Well we showed him :p


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Roster Updates

by Poisonenvy, 33 days ago

The following roster updates have been made today:

Promoted from Cub to Pup:

Azmodea, Banba, Clamer, Darkdemise, Delphic, Felscream, Fianna, Gharuda, Hesse, Kerryna, Kirna, Krylla, Kyllingsnurr, Rousskin, Santharian, Shíanti, Shinoba, Staticmage, Staticpriest, Steakpudding, Temujin, Tryouth, Tryumph, Veyalyn

Promoted from Pub to Juvenile:

Bowner, Bluedabdi, Cambellar, Eonex, Kurthal, Luneth, Parselist, Shianti (x3), Svalm, Southwind, Xerk, Zups, Zuqs

Promoted from Juvenile to Wolf:
(all alts placed in Wolf Alt rank)


Promoted from Wolf/Wolf Alt to Werewolf:


For additional information on how the ranks work, please see that section in the guild info.  If you believe there has been a mistake, feel free to reply below and I'll look into it.

If you are a regular raider (ie, you raid as and when you can, at least once or twice a month, and are an active guild member) and you're in the Wolf or Wolf Alt rank (prior to today), then please let me know and I'll check to see if you can be moved to the Werewolf rank.  Remember .. Werewolf is on a "per character" basis and resets every expansion.

If you have ANY character in the Werewolf, Wolf or Wolf Alt rank, and have alts invited into the guild, please remind an officer to promote your new character to the Wolf Alt rank.  Once you have reached the "Wolf" rank, all additional characters should automatically be given the Wolf Alt rank.  (and when I say "automatically" .. I mean we still have to do it manually, but it's not something your new character has to work for )

Since the changes to the way the roster and permissions work, it is much more difficult to ensure characters are correctly linked.  Whereas previously anyone with invite rights also were able to adjust your public roster note in order to add your "main" when you had an alt invited, this is now not possible.  The only people able to amend you public note now are you, when you're on that character, or an officer. 

Characters that have nothing in their public notes linking them to other characters are much more likely to be removed for inactivity (As all linked characters are checked for activity prior to removal for inactivity). 

Please do ensure that all your alts are marked up as such on your public note in the guild roster to prevent any being removed by accident.

Please also do not add anything in the public note section of your alts, other than the "main" character name.  You may, if you wish, add your real name against your "main" - but no other information.  Gear scores, roles, etc .. all often change and should not be included.  See the Guild Rules for additional information.

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Patch 8.2 arrives 26th June!

by Poisonenvy, 35 days ago



So suddenly the release of the new patch is almost upon us .. 26th June for those of us on EU servers:

The new raid will not be released straight away, but will come a couple of weeks after, in July.

Wowhead has the following to say:

This new content patch will include two new zones, Nazjatar and Mechagon. Each zone comes with a large zone to explore and two new reputations per faction to acquire reputation for (Rustbolt Resistance and  The Unshackled /  Waveblade Ankoan). Exploring the continent and acquiring Revered with each of your faction's new reputations will earn you Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two, allowing you to fly in all of Battle for Azeroth's zones!

The Heart of Azeroth will also play a larger role in this patch with a full quest chain and the brand new Heart of Azeroth Essence system. This patch also comes with mount equipment, the continuation of the War Campaign, Heroic Warfronts, two new Island Expeditions, Heritage Armor for Tauren and Gnomes and the Stratholme Pet Dungeon.

More content in coming two weeks later on July 9th when Season 3 of Battle for Azeroth begins. This marks the opening of the new Azshara's Eternal Palace Raid, new PvP Season and new Mythic+ Seasonal Affix, Beguiling. Season 3 will also come with an overall Item Level increase, with Mythic Azshara's Eternal Palace dropping Item Level 445 Gear and an increased Item Level from Mythic+. Season 3 also increases the number of available Essences, as many Essences will only be obtainable once Season 3 begins.

Dev insights:



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